Blast Lemmings with Super Scope 6 in Super Nintendo Lemmings Game

Carl Williams writes, "Easter eggs are popular, at least they were before taking a nosedive worse than scrolling shooters did in the first decade of this century. There was a time when Easter Eggs were frowned upon, we are looking at you Warren Robinette and your “sticking it to the man” egg in Atari’s Adventure for the Atari 2600. During the 8-Bit Nintendo NES days though, Easter Eggs took on a whole new meaning and were lauded by fans, there were publications detailing what games had them, how to find them and more. Jump one console generation to the Super Nintendo and a little game known as “Lemmings 2: The Tribes” by Psygnosis (prior to Sony buying them out they were capable of unique and interesting games). Add in a recently discovered trick using the Super Scope 6 and you have a, rather pointless but, fun method of disposing of your little onscreen guys (there is a nuke button but what fun is that?)."

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