Official Vita Portable Charger and Memory Cards get huge discounts

The official PlayStation Vita Portable Charger ($24.13), 16GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card ($30.39) and 32GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card ($63.88) have gotten big discounts.

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WeAreLegion1530d ago

The same discounts they get on Amazon constantly.

user55757081529d ago

aka not discounts. i got an 8gb last year for $10 that was a discount

Eidolon1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Still overpriced, I got my 16GB new for $20 on eBay.. just have to be patient, look around and don't be afraid to use the Best Offer or sniping. That charger is rather expensive for the extra juice it offers, I picked up a refurbed Targus 4400mah [email protected] one on a NewEgg flash deal for $6 and it fully charges my Vita Slim + more.

sinspirit1530d ago

I swear 32GB's have been around $64 for a while at my wal-mart(that I work at in electronics). And, that's not on sale. Really wish there were adapters for MicroSD to Vita.

joel_c171530d ago

As a massive vita fan this is too little too late

chadwarden1530d ago

How are these prices any different than what amazon has had all year?

Insomnia_841530d ago

I need this!! I'm traveling out of the country and this just came at the right time!

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The story is too old to be commented.