What's the Status of DriveClub on PS4 a Month After Release?

Push Square: "DriveClub has undoubtedly been the biggest disappointment of the year. While you could make a case for the likes of Watch Dogs and Destiny failing to deliver on their pre-release hype, at least both titles launched in a playable state – the latter succeeding despite the entire gaming industry expecting Bungie’s online focus to bite it in the bum. The same hasn’t been true of Evolution Studios’ next-gen debut, which is still busted a month removed from its initial release."

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SniperControl1534d ago

Here in the UK, i am still having trouble playing online, i have to wait at least 10 mins before the game goes online, then halfway through a race, i am kicked out or in the lobby for the second race, i get booted out. Pain in the ass.

SP is fantasic, nearly finished all the tours.

gijsbrecht1534d ago

I agree; playing online is still near to impossible and I am not even trying anymore untill matters have been fully solved. For now I am treating the game as SP only and that part is really good for what it is. Keeping my fingers crossed the online part will be up and running shortly.

kratoz12091534d ago

Online has been working well for me.
Once I am in the lobby it works fine and I get no lag.
It's a fun game but does have some problems,
Hopefully the challenges will come online soon enough.

Also hopefully they will release some japan tracks soon

NitrousX1533d ago

Same here online works for me and i live in the UK.
The only issues i face atm is the disconnects for leaderboards and faceoffs. They do come back after a couple of minutes though. But for me online multiplayer is stable

TeamVVV1533d ago

Seems to work for some and not for others.

medman1533d ago

"What's the Status of DriveClub on PS4 a Month After Release?" My answer? Who cares. I was looking forward to the psplus edition to see if purchasing the full game was worthwhile, but they've bungled it so completely I've moved on and next week it's going to be all about GTA and Far Cry, with other titles I'm catching up on filling my time til February, when it will be Bloodborne, The Witcher 3, and The Order. Drive Club screwed itself.

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