Is Sony Going To Use Microsoft DRM Software? Not Really...

It's not what it sounds like.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1535d ago

Stupid video, but I agree with the narrator.

OB1Biker1534d ago

Yea its stupid but then most people dont use their brains it seems

Pogmathoin1534d ago

Just another example of how easy it is to get rubbish posted on N4G!

Eonjay1534d ago

The original GamingBolt article actually stated this... He also cites N4G's disposition for drama. And well... he has a point.

MasterCornholio1534d ago

And the amount of desperate Mr.X followers who tried to convince the world that Sony had the same plans with DRM was just pathetic.

Truth is Sony never planned on using crazy DRM policies on the first place. They saw that Microsoft were going to so they used that as a marketing weapon by advertising that their system didn't have it.

Eonjay1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

I thought that was pretty evident during Andrew House's sit down with Mark Cerny. I think they were taken aback by Microsoft's plans.

By the way, people think that it was publishers like EA that were pushing Microsoft (and they were) but people don't understand that Microsoft and Sony lose platforming fees on used copies as well. Therefore, from Microsoft's perspective, blocking game trading and exchanging was opportunity to make a huge profit.

DeadRabbits1534d ago

If only M$ invested more innovation into their Hardware then making their Hardware a closed off and a DRM Minefield they would be feeling alot more love from gamers!

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )


"I thought that was pretty evident during Andrew House's sit down with Mark Cerny. I think they were taken aback by Microsoft's plans."

I think shock and disbelief would be a better description. I think Sony execs had that reaction because they were probably thinking the same things everyone else was thinking;

"Did Microsoft actually think that consumers would embrace and accept these blatantly anti-consumer oriented policies and ideas?"

The type of DRM Sony is implementing will mainly prevent users of it's Music and Video services from pirating and re-broadcasting music and movies.

MeliMel1534d ago

The reaction that MS got is what stopped Sony from doing it. Instead they said they would leave it up to developers.

MasterCornholio1534d ago


Not really. Sony announced since February that the console could play games offline without any sort of internet connection. Which means that it would be impossible for them to incorpate a DRM system like Microsoft's.

Here's the truth, Microsoft was all by themselves with the draconic DRM policies. Neither Sony nor Nintendo were even planning to incorporate it.

MasterCornholio1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )


They also made a patent for a split dualshock controller that was move compatible. Heck the press were claiming that it was the definite design for the PS4 controller.

In conclusion the device was never made even though there was a patent for it.

All I'm saying is that you can't prove that Sony was going to incorporate draconic DRM policies into the PS4 with that patent.

I think you need to apologize to PS4 owners for constantly trolling PS4 articles.

Spotie1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

It's pointless, Cornholio. Folks like Foehammer will keep saying that, even when you provide links from FEBRUARY proving Sony had said no to such DRM long before they could have responded to backlash from Microsoft's reveal.

They WANT to believe Sony was gonna, so they will.

ziggurcat1534d ago


hey, guess what? sony also filed the same patent before the PS3 launch:

and we all know that we couldn't play used games on the PS3, so..... wait, no... that patent never was put into effect.

when will you people learn that patents don't mean squat, and most of the time they're just there for legal reasons (so they can claim they have a patent on X technology/design/etc...).

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MasterCornholio1534d ago

I honestly don't know why Microsoft thought that consumers would just accept the policies no questions asked. It was evident through many surveys and marketing research programs that consumers didn't want that. That information was available to Microsoft but for some reason they chose to ignore it.

InTheLab1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Same dude back in 2013 said the exact opposite and claimed he had "sources" that said it was built into the console exactly like the Bone.

This is the same guy that Shu came out and called "just stupid".

This dude, the Red Dragon, Stonefox....why are links to Youtube allowed on this site. All these people do is exactly what we're doing now, which is read N4G and recycle info.

hkgamer1534d ago

i listen to half of the things that are said on reviewtechusa. some opinions i agree and some i dont.

however,nthis channel is getting more and more clickbait with the titles