New releases for November 10-16

"There may be one or two big games coming out this week. Possibly. Maybe. (Ok, there are a lot.)

Brace yourselves, everyone. There have been a lot of big fall releases so far, but this is the week that a bunch of major titles hit all at once for just about every modern platform imaginable."

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Torque_CS_Lewith1529d ago

Why is lbp the header pic? Does not come out this week.

creatchee1528d ago

Sackboy is adorable every week though.

Rimeskeem1528d ago

It's LBP. Don't question it.

Watari3211528d ago ShowReplies(2)
dreamoner1528d ago

So there is no PES for xboxes? :P

Snookies121528d ago

Lol, I'm confused about that as well...

Man, this year's PES looks great. I hope it's their best entry into the franchise to date!

Adolph Fitler1528d ago

A Halo redux should not take center stage, over a true innovator like the LBP series. LBP3 is a sequel, not a freaking remake, like every other 2nd game....Only a fanboy would want a redo of a game, promoted heavily over original content...

Can't wait to buy LBP3, & ignore Halo redo....I'll wait for Halo 5 thanks....

Snookies121528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

If the Master Chief Collection were a simple remake, I'd agree... However, it's clear a lot of time went into redoing the visuals for that game. It's really freaking pretty. That should give it a good bit of merit. Not to mention the value of the package itself. So, as hyped as I am for LBP3, I would not write off the Halo Collection. That remaster is a labor of love, and it shows. (Aside from Halo 3, I don't understand why they didn't touch up Halo 3 like they did with the second game...)