Next Generation Graphics Prospects of Nvidia – Big Daddy Maxwell, 16FF Ports, and More

Nvidia confirmed the existence of its 'Next Generation GPU' at its recent earnings call. Here are some choicest quotes and an interpretation of the Call.

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decrypt1533d ago

This is great news, however Nvidia should know almost their entire range is obselete at this point for people who want to play at 4k or eyefinity. Since Current mainstream GPUs only come with 4gb Memory.

Personally for high end gamers i would advice holding off any purchases until at least GPUs with 8GBs start rolling out.

SniperControl1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Urm, i just got the Asus GTX970 and have been playing at [email protected] on my 4K TV. Only thing i have turned off is the Anti-aliasing as it's not needed at 4K.

COD and Watchdogs looks amazing in 4K.

Looking to add another GTX970 in 6 months for SLI.

@decrypt below

Yeah, the RAM requirements are just stupid, just look at Shadow of Mordor, it's not even that graphically impressive and it wanted 6GB for Ultra graphics.
Problem is, we are getting p155 poor console ports that are not optimised for PC.

Ubi are the worst offenders for not optimising their games properly, Watchdogs, The Crew and The Division.

decrypt1533d ago

Some of the new games coming out require and absurd amount of RAM, as if the DEVs didnt optimize the games well. Even at 1080p requirements can be quite high.

Check Watchdogs, SOM (ultra textures) etc If thats trend then ppl need to get GPUs with high amount of RAM specially for 4k or eyefinity.

nX1533d ago

You'll probably go back to 1080p/75fps in a few weeks just like I did. 4k looks great but it's not yet worth it, especially with all these bad console ports. GTA5 might be the first game optimized for 4k.

Volkama1533d ago

Shadow of Mordor RAM requirements are a bit deceptive. It says it wants 6GB, but the game also adds up memory across multi-GPU setups. When I start the game up it reads in the bottom right that I have 8GB video memory, but what I have is 4GB cards in crossfire. So basically it demands 2 high end cards.

But even in these outlying cases 4K doesn't necessarily require much more memory than 1080p. The "ultra" settings on offer load the highest res assets and textures into memory even at lower resolutions, so flipping the rendering resolution higher doesn't actually eat much more memory.

Besides... the future is always bigger numbers. That doesn't mean current offerings are obselete.

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