GTA: San Andreas - 10 Reasons It's Still The Best In The Series

Loud, vulgar and proud, San Andreas defines everything that is great about Grand Theft Auto. The game’s world is huge, looks great (perhaps not by today’s standards but back then, it was a beautiful thing) and is full of stuff to do, including missions, rampages and hidden collectibles. Even now San Andreas holds up as a great game, and is arguably still the best game in the series.

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nucky641532d ago

these "best of" conversations are all very subjective. I'm a huge fan of vice city but I can see the argument for SA. my feeling is VC and gtav are the best for me.

caseh1532d ago

VC for me also, the whole 80's vibe was a winner.

SniperControl1532d ago

I'am with you guys, VC(in my book) is the best GTA so far.

Blank1531d ago

Oohhwee!! nice comment on the masterpiece that is san andreas! I still got my original hot coffee copy of the game : )

TheLyonKing1532d ago

I think gta v finally stole it's crown if I am honest.

A lot of this list seems to coming from rose tinted glasses, take the nostalgia away and you find rockstar really out done themselves on v though sa is a masterpiece

KwietStorm1532d ago

Pretty much. Plus V is online and now has first person mode.

Blank1531d ago

Hmm debatelably i cant agree or disagree once its out, trust me ill play thorugh san andreas and judge like mad (for mainly personal reasons of evolution) and ill say my conclusions in a proper article comment section since I got no site or blog...

il-JumperMT1532d ago

Why its not:
Vice City was better.

Clown_Syndr0me1532d ago

I liked the customisation on SA.
GTA V was more restricted, for example Trevor couldn't buy gangster clothes and the gangster guy (lol I forgot his name) cant buy country clothes. I like a bit of freedom to make my characters ridiculous lol.

1nsomniac1532d ago

Everybody has their own opinion of what was the best game in the series. For me, Vice City & V were both better than San Andreas.

I think a lot of San Andreas made it into V. So I'm hoping a lot of Vice City will make it into VI.

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