Updated GTA: San Andreas on Steam nullifies old save files

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is being replaced on Steam by a new edition that removes songs, in addition to some other minor feature changes, reports The new Steam version adds support for Xbox 360 controllers and removes several resolution options — including 1920x1080, which had been implemented with a patch previously. More concerning is the fact old gamesaves are incompatible. Loading an old save simply starts a new game.

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decrypt1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

As long as you have a license. Download ISO, install patch version of game you like.

Problem solved. No need to depend on Steam. Beauty of being open platform.

Psychotica1529d ago

I understand removing the music but why would they remove the resolution options??

DxTrixterz1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

They don't have the license from graphics card manufacturers and monitor manufacturers? But seriously I don't know. I expect from now on those silent patches that make game worse more often. I guess next patch will remove vehicles that have too much resemblance to real world cars.

Revengeance1529d ago

They shouldn't have even touched the music in the game. It's 10 YEARS OLD! This is a prime example of why I don't like an all digital future. You don't own the game just the access to it while they change it in any way shape or form.

traumadisaster1529d ago

This is a milestone I was hoping wouldn't come. The fact that Rockstar was the culprit is surprising but they do have the built up good will. I suppose the story of why has not been released but if the industry wants a backlash the consumers won't put up with too much of this.

I certainly don't need much convincing to NOT get a second gtx titan and full cpu upgrade next year. Considering a lot of us have families we could easily give up a crooked gaming industry to be more productive elsewhere.

RSKnight1529d ago

Also the support for Xbox360 controller is a joke. Yes, it does work now, but you get messages that say "press Joypad 04 to...", "press Joypad 07 to...", WTF R*? If they are going to patch something in the game they better do it right, or don't do it at all.

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