Blizzard: World of Warcraft Will Probably Outlast Humanity

Blizzard is quite aware that in order to keep their legacy alive, World of Warcraft needs to survive. This is why they have spent millions of dollars future-proofing the World of Warcraft server room to survive any future disasters like a nuclear war or an asteroid collision. “I don’t want Blizzard employees in the year 3067 hating us for not making these changes now,” said technician Ben Keller, “We already know that World of Warcraft will last that long, in fact, I hope aliens come down and enjoy whatever new content we have in 3067. By then, we’ll probably get around to addressing the Emerald Dream issue. Or maybe Arthas will get resurrected and go back in time. That’d be something.”

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ninavoljic1531d ago

Satirical piece should be labeled correctly in the title.