Gamers Feel Disappointed As Activision Blocks PS4’s Share Play Feature On Call Of Duty

The massive excitement for the next Call of Duty game, the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, is enough to give Activision more and more profits in their gaming business. Players around the world and across all consoles are enjoying their time with this new game as they fill the game server intensively.

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Jaqen_Hghar1531d ago

Not surprising. What a bunch of jerks

1531d ago
AgentSmithPS41531d ago


"Did you really think, big time games would come out brand spanking new and let you share the whole game with people for free."
lol, they could only share a small part of it to get people interested. I probably will never buy it but I sure as hell won't if I can't try it first.

It must be fun for you attacking your little straw man with 'Sony' drawn on it.

MysticStrummer1530d ago

@edonus - Worry about your own fantasy world, mister "The internet is broken because it doesn't agree with me".

OT - As a gamer who can't stand Call of Duty, put me in the "Not Disappointed" column. As a thinking human who knows the history of Activision concerning this franchise, also put me in the "Not Surprised" column.

rainslacker1530d ago


How is it Sony's fault for Activision blocking a game? If Sony blocked the game then fair enough, but Sony hasn't lied about anything. Shareplay works. It just isn't enabled on all games.

Anyhow, I said that these sharing technologies wouldn't be what either company said they would be in terms of support back when it was first announced, and was even more adamant about it when MS announced something similar. Got plenty of disagrees. Of course, now it's "Sony lied", and not, both MS and Sony lied. Whatever. If a publisher isn't confident enough in their game to let people share a lesser version with restrictions, then I see them as about as scared as letting people try out their game before they buy since they can't even bother with a demo.

If a publisher doesn't want to support the feature, then complain to the publisher. While Sony has some pull with what they allow, they can't outright give unfettered access to content that is not their own. Before accusing Sony of restricting their own games, at least wait until they do it. You're just trying to dig up dirt that doesn't exist yet.

Otherwise, I agree, a lot of games probably won't fully support shareplay. For the ones that do, have fun with it, and just accept that there are restrictions.

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decrypt1531d ago

Stop bending over for the corporates and dont buy the game.

raWfodog1530d ago

So what game would you buy that doesn't have a corporate hand in it?

GamerRetro1531d ago

Wah wah call wahbulance Grow up

u4one1531d ago

They said it was because the feature came too late in development and they didn't have time to properly implement and test it and that it's something they are looking into

Summons751531d ago

Translation: we're too lazy to do it and would rather force people to buy the game. It's Activision all they care about is the sales, they could easily do it but chose not too.

Kivespussi1530d ago


This game's actually a cross-buy title. I'd say that's losing them more sales than the restriction of Share Play. I don't know why they restrict it but it probably isn't sales when they still made the game cross-buy

livedeht1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

@ summons, Shareplay works on a system level it is "native" to the OS, Activision has chosen to block the feature.

u4one1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Shrug. I'm not defending them for leaving it out. Just passing along what I read. I doubt it's laziness because companies as a whole don't just get lazy and employees that get lazy are usually fired so that doesn't make sense. A more likely scenario is that it did come late in development and they didn't have the budget, time or resources to really do a proper job on it. I imagine you probably have to put books in the game somehow to interact with the Shareplay API. I dunno. I don't work for activision nor can I claim to know what their real reasoning is, just like all the douchebags on this site that think they know everything

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turdburgler10801531d ago

Another failed sony product. Why am I not suprised. When you look at everything they promised vs what they delivered it's pretty sad. My poor ps4 just sits around collecting dust. I'm pretty sure it's got a tumbleweed on it.

Jaqen_Hghar1531d ago

wtf? Really? You can't put this on Sony lol they can't force Activision to implement their feature. That's like MS forcing parity...oh wait

decrypt1530d ago


Can we put 3D on Sony then? We sure dont hear them talk much about 3D any more.

Is it because they failed pretty badly with 3D on the PS3? The only platform i see doing that well is the PC lol. Sony only really knows how to run their mouth they never really deliver, just like they havent delivered on the 1080p deal till yet.

JohnWayne_1530d ago

Yeah just like M$ Kinect, nice try troll.

airsick71530d ago

I'd suggest selling the PS4 if you don't enjoy it, it'll get you a lot further than complaining about it in comment sections. Don't worry, someone will pay good money for it and it won't stop millions of people from enjoying theirs. Everybody wins.

Also: have you tried shareplay, because it works great for me.

decrypt1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )


Agreed Kinect sucks, MS too has a habit of running their mouth just like Sony.

kassler1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

@turdburgler How come every Xbone fanboy have a "PS4 collecting dust"?

Silly gameAr1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )


A man wouldn't bother with trolls. Some gamers are disappointed. There's nothing wrong with that, but I guess some think they're asking to much for a game to use a feature that wouldn't hurt the game or the sales in the long run.

In fact it would probably get them more.

PeaSFor1530d ago

oh yeah, that good old imaginary ps4 collecting dust bullshit again.

lol at the straw grabbing festival.

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shloobmm31530d ago

It makes perfect sense. I wouldnt allow my game to be shareplayed. In a game where its majority of players are all about multiplayer an hour of shareplay over and over goes a long way.

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AC2020x1531d ago

I know i'm disappointed. I have a friend who wants to try it out before buying it, but we can't! :(

No_Limit1531d ago

tell him to Gamefly or Redbox it for a day. Problem solve.

andibandit1531d ago

Just stab your friend from the back, more or less COD:AW in a nutshell

Yetter1531d ago

maybe invite your friend over to your house for an afternoon? Or do you kids not do that anymore?

TRD4L1fe1531d ago

maybe his friend lives in another state

T2X1531d ago

OH NO! What do you mean something that only existed for a week is preventing me from playing a game that everyone in the world has?

Summons751531d ago

A lot of people don't have it because a lot of people are tired of being shafted by Activision year after year. Cod is on its death bed. Everyone knew share play has been coming since launch so not prepping for it is bs.

DLConspiracy1530d ago

Then rent it. How hard is that?

Death1530d ago

Everyone knew DC was coming for a year and look how that worked out.

I would be more inclinded to think publishers didn't block shareplay previously since it wasn't available. Now that it's enabled I can see more blocking it.

Silly gameAr1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )


What does Driveclub have to do with this? That game actually uses shareplay and CODAW does not. Not a good comparison there bud.

Jaqen_Hghar1531d ago

a man doesn't have it...well more than 1 man doesn't have get the point

IQUITN4G1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I'd imagine a lot of companies deciding this because it could hurt sales of a particular game. It can also help a sale too but what's the exact number on that ratio

Sometimes people make a decision to buy without too much research and a feature like this might reveal that they really don't want the game after all. This I'm guessing is a genuine concern for some devs that maybe depend on this.

Who knows though but it's neat all the same

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