2014 Black Friday and Holiday Shopping Guide: Best PlayStation 4 Accessories to Buy

The best PlayStation 4 accessories to buy during Black Friday and the rest of the 2014 holiday season.

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MysticStrummer1536d ago

The Gold wireless headset is very good for the money. Works with PS3 and PS4, and there's a PS4 app in the store for loading specific eq settings to a preset. I guess the app might be available on PS3 also but I'm not sure. I just leave the Shooter setting loaded (extra bass) but there are others for different types of games, movies, or music. You can also make your own settings. The app also works with 2 other Sony headsets besides the Gold. I'm guessing one of them is the Silver but I'm not sure what the other is.

generalthadeape1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

The other headset that uses the PS4 game settings app is the Sony Pulse Elites.

I'm interested in the Sony Gold Wireless or the new Turtle Beach Stealth 500p Headset this Chrismas.

I have owned the original Sony Pulse and the Sony Pulse Elite Headsets in the past.

Both sounded great and I think the Sony Gold Headset would sarisfy me but I'd like to know if these new Turtle Beach headsets are any better.

I like my games to have extra bass punch, especially my shooters.

Has anybody out there bought these new headsets or have any preferrence one way or the other?

I'd really like to know.

Rimeskeem1536d ago

Being someone who uses the gold wire I can tell you this. The sound quality is admirable but not the best. Allowing the app to make changes to does help a lot with the sound quality. The mic is very good and clear and the buttons are easy to use and learn. It has a good battery life and takes only 1 hour or so to charge it to full capacity. It fits comfortably and rest around your neck (espicially good if you have a long neck).

This is me as a someone who has bought the headphones.

It also works with PS3 and PC