Valkyria Chronicles is one of the finest games of its generation

Eurogamer writes: every Sunday we bring you a feature selected from our archive. This week, to celebrate the imminent PC launch of Valkyria Chronicles, we bring you Paul Dean's fine words on Sega's modern classic. This article was originally published in December 2012.

Was it really four years ago now that the Second Europan War began? Is the PlayStation 3 really supposed to be six years old? I refuse to believe it. It's just not possible. Whenever I slip the Valkyria Chronicles Blu-ray into a console that's supposed to be at the end of its life cycle I get no sense of age, no feeling of a looming obsolescence or an imminent loss of status. No; time stops.

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DarXyde1528d ago

Agree 100%. It was truly something different and it's a shame that the modding community had to bring 3 stateside. I hope Sega releases a collection with all the games for PS3 or PS4.

3-4-51528d ago

Can't wait to play this in a few days.

NewMonday1528d ago

great underrated classic

making the sequels PSP only killed the franchize

Volkama1528d ago

Meant to buy this for so long on the PS3, but never got round to it. Just picked it up a pre-order for the PC release for under a tenner. Looking forward to it!

freshslicepizza1528d ago

still have my copy lying around, shame they never made more on the ps3. here's hoping now that its coming to the pc that is gets the others games

timmyp531528d ago

I literally beat 85% of VC and got too busy with school to beat it. Can't wait to play it again.

LoveSpuds1528d ago

This has really was an under appreciated title at the time of release but a game that I adored and played through several times.

For me it was a great example of why I love Playstation, games like this add so much flavour and variety and compliment the more mainstream titles. Japan still has plenty to offer when it comes to originality, quirkiness and character they really know how to deliver.

Mighty tempted to try this again on PC, bet it will look amazing at a higher resolution.

Spotie1528d ago

One hundred percent agreement.

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The story is too old to be commented.