Does Blizzard's Shooter Overwatch Live Up to the Hype?

GameSpot plays Overwatch at BlizzCon and gives you the lowdown on the gameplay, characters, maps, and abilities in Blizzard’s freshly announced online team based shooter.

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thorstein1530d ago

What hype? We just heard of this game, this week.

If only there was a movement that argued for integrity in gaming journalism...

Raven7221530d ago

No kidding. It's like they actually survive by feeding on manufactured hype. Remember Titanfall? Holy crap. We had just been introduced to the game and journalists were practically knocking on our doors like Jehovah's Witnesses of gaming. Asking us if we had time to talk about the industry's lord and savior, Respawn. I enjoyed Titanfall but it was pretty damn clear after release that the media had completely exaggerated what it was.

joel_c171530d ago

I came here to say the same thing. FFS I cant stand gaming "journalism"

Soldierone1530d ago

You seriously took the words right out of my head!

gamey1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Of course there's hype. I'm so confused by the idea that this game isn't being hyped. Did you even watch the video? The release announcement? There was hype EVERYWHERE. Blizzcon. There's music, flashy graphics, cut-scenes, applause, cheering. This video is hype. But yeah, integrity in gaming journalism. You just denied objective reality (because there is hype, obviously) to try and score a point. Note that I'm not defending hype here. I don't like it, e.g. Titanfall, boohiss to that nonsense.

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Mulletino1530d ago

Blizzard has has the quality over quantity business model so imo even if you don't like the idea of the game, it's going to be insanely polished and amazing for those interested in team fortress type games. Another thing is that with blizzards forum sections on and what they have done since the release of Diablo, they have proved that they listen to what people want. As far as "hype" is concerned just having the blizzard logo on a game gives it insta hype.

OUROSMAG1530d ago

Jesus christ, how can you write an article about living up to the hype when the game was JUST announced. this is getting stupid.