Pokémon Natures, Genders, Breeding, and How the Series Lost Me

UM writes: Frequent readers of the site will known that on the surface, I appear to be obsessed with Pokemon. If there’s a piece of related Poke-art out there, I will find it and post it, preferably if it’s a crossover with something else.

The truth is, I haven’t played a Pokemon game in more than a decade.

I did used to be hooked on them, so my attachment didn’t stem out of nowhere. In the original Red and Blue, I beat the game at least five times, to the point where I had so many Mewtwo’s in my arsenal, I started naming them Mewthree, Mewfour and Mewfive.

I had two Game Boys so I didn’t have to wait to trade with my friends in order to get all my Pokemon on one game. I leveled up every final evolution using the rare candy trick, and finding Missingno was the coolest glitch/secret I found in any game to this day. I competed in a Pokemon tournament at a mall where I beat a bunch of other kids with my starting trio, Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise, and got to play the “pro” from Nintendo who wiped the floor with me, but congratulated me on not using Mewtwo like everyone else.

I played Gold and Silver as well, tracking down those rare Legendary beasts as they roamed through the wilds, but past that? I was done. My time with the series ended right around the time it wasn’t “evolving” enough for my tastes, or at least not in the right way.

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