Killzone: “Have We Seen the Last of the Helghast?” – Guerrilla Games Developers Respond

During the 10th anniversary livestream for the Killzone franchise hosted by Sony Computer Entertainment a question that is probably hovering in the mind of many was asked: “Have we seen the last of the Helghast?”

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MysticStrummer1536d ago

I hope not. They're great as the bad guys.

NarooN1536d ago

Funny thing is, if you read the original lore, the Helghast were technically the good guys. They were the ones oppressed by the ISA and the Earth forces.

XisThatKid1536d ago

bubs for you not too many people kno about the KZ lore

MysticStrummer1536d ago

Yeah that's true. I just think of them as the bad guys. Guess that says something about me.

badz1491536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

from what I read, there were initially no good guys bad guys thing until the Helghast got too good at what they were doing back then and their existence started to threaten the others. their approach was too extreme and they got banished and restarted from scratch and take things by their own hands there after. they might have been persecuted but attacking Vekta was totally wrong and it was the beginning of their own downfall. something like that...I think.

but the universe is huge, right? and they did find a new planet that the can explore and in the end called home but why is when the Helghan was destroyed, they seek refugees back to Vekta? isn't there any more planets out there they can explore?


ChipChipperson1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

It's specific organizations/sub-groups of the Vektans and the Helghast that are bad. Using the origin story of the Helghast getting kicked off Vekta still doesn't justify their totalitarian and propaganda driven way of life which was used to start another war out of revenge, kill more innocent people as they were given refuge which would be become New Helghan, human experiments for weapons made by Stahl's military industrial complex who went on to create WMD's and a private army, and initially having some connection with and having some support for the Black Hand(a terrorist organization of old-Helghast extremist), all of this we see throughout the entire series.

This is why I really loved Shadow Fall's story. There's no "true" good guy other than the 3rd faction of characters you play as, who see and uncover what's going on like Lucas and Echo or Templar, Luger, Rico and Hakha who fought not only the Helghast, but discovered two ISA traitor within their ranks who wanted to adopt the Visari's vision at the cost of their own people's lives. For Lucas and Echo, despite them having their differences and bad experiences with the Vektans or Helghast(Echo being a half breed), they realize the extremist on both sides have to be eliminated in order for both of their people to live peacefully.

GdaTyler1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

That's why I love that in Mercenary you can choose to play on either side. That game was a boss.

bouzebbal1536d ago

isa are so boring next to Helghast who have way more charisma.
Vita's Mercenary shows a bit of the Helghast opression by ISA. well said.

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madmonkey011536d ago

they were the natives, the isa were the bad guys.

illAmpRefugee1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

THAT KZ2 THOUGH WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITE MP games of last gen even with the lag kills lol that 16v16 when it was working smoothly OMG was amazing non stop imersive action that threw off gritty war vibes and the weighty controlls added to it. I actually preferred the weighty controlls becus it added to the immersion and made the game way harder it wasnt like cod where u can get shot in the back and do a 360 in a milisecond later so ur guy can shoot who shot u. no it was realistic it took a considerable amount of time to do 360's in that game. and the gunplay recoil was great i loved the M82. the little things in kz2 made it one of my favorite fps's of last gen on the mp side reason cause once u got good at kz2 u felt like a bad ass cus no one started off good at kz2 no matter wht lol and it was so rewarding cus u know it took time to get good at the game unlike cod or other average/generic fps's. really the only problem i had with kz2 was not enough guns and the lag kill swere far too often. So i was upset when the series changed with kz3 i thought kz3 was good but no where near kz2 on the mp side and idk to me kz3 the assasinations felt so clunky and magnety that it ruined that asset of the game and it just seemed noobed out in comparison to kz2. but i have no idea about KZS i haven't played shadow fall cus i just got my ps4 3 months ago and dont want to play a year late game especially when im hearing they dropped the ball just like with kz3 again. but wht do u guys think is kzshadowfall still good to get into this late cus right now its like 15$ on amazon used aND how cheap is the dlc?

illAmpRefugee1536d ago

SO anyone is KZshadowfall worth buying this late into release?

illAmpRefugee1536d ago

i agree make another kz make it just like k2 onlky add a shit load of guns and custimization options for characters model, guns, ect. (imo custimization and alot of guns in a fps make it way more enjoyable) and survival mode vs helghast co-op and make the sensivtivty kind of slow like kz2 but not that slow maybe only make the fastest sensitivty be the same as like 8-10 on COD??? idk just make the sensitivity fast enough to feel smooth but slow enough where ur guy can't do milisecond 360's like cod and try to bring back 16v16 mp again tht shit was amazing back on kz2. and make a story that just makes me get lost in the kz world. if the next kz does those things it will be a sucess

SonyWarrior1535d ago

i think it would be great if we play as helghast in one game that would be awesome way better then isa

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Nitrowolf21536d ago

As much as I love Killzone and Guerrilla Games, I think it's time for GG to take a rest from Killzone, or hand it off to another Studio, like their Cambridge department (dev of Killzone: Merc.)

I feel like the main team doesn't really know what exactly they want with Killzone. They've created this Badass character, yet I think in the end their story falls flat when they tell it in the games (not when you read the lore though). Gameplay wise, just look at the last 3 games, they went from Heavy (KZ2) to Cod like (KZ3) because of complaints, and now back to a heavy, mix with cod (KZ: SF) because of complaints of the last one. They are great developers, don't get me wrong, and I've enjoyed every Killzone title to date, but they are severely lacking in the great story that they could be told, that and they keep getting rid of decent villians, yet for reasons unknown push for nonlikeable ones

ABizzel11536d ago


I agree as well. I enjoyed the the franchise (2 was my fav.), but I think it needs a break for this gen or at least until much later, so they can sort out what to do with the story, how to make the game better overall, and instead focus on New IP (Horizon) until they're ready.

Killzone is a futuristic space warfare game, but it's not achieving the full potential of the genre / setting. As a FPS it's all around good on the mechanics and shooting side, so only minor tweaks here and there for improvements are needed:

But the story (hire another professional writer),
the world (allow us to explore more planets),
the settings (loved the open ended design in Shadow Fall, but give us more areas per planet),
the enemies (this game should have a new race introduced, besides ISA and Helghast),

are the areas that need more development and improvement. The gameplay and graphics sides are fine, it's the presentation and world that aren't up to par with the heavy hitting PS games like The Last of Us, Uncharted, etc...

As a matter of fact, I'd love to see Guerrilla do a new Resistance for PS4 instead of another Killzone right now. Now that would be interesting.


As a matter of fact Killzone and Resistance combined cancel out each others problem, and would give PS a hands down go to shooter that rivals the big boys not only in reviews (although KZ and Resistane were pretty much up there all along), but also sales wise. Resistance has story, world, character development, that beautiful weapon wheel, co-op (R2), split screen co-op and competitive (R1), and overall presentation down. Killzone has the graphics, the stylized gameplay (sense of weight), and the multiplayer down.

Combine both and it should be an epic game.

Killzone: Resistance

OMG YES!!!!!!!!

Dirtnapstor1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

"But the story (hire another professional writer),
the world (allow us to explore more planets),
the settings (loved the open ended design in Shadow Fall, but give us more areas per planet),
the enemies (this game should have a new race introduced, besides ISA and Helghast)"

Kind of sounds like you've been playing Destiny lately.
These ideas are not bad ideas at all. Expanding the KZ universe would be ideal. I would like to see the Helghast return to their planet. Loved KZ from the start and will continue to support it!

ABizzel11536d ago


lol, I have been playing Destiny as well, and it needs all of that too.

It's just time for more to happen in the KZ Universe, besides the same old war between the ISA and the Helghast.

They need a likable hero, which they haven't really had.
They need a great villain (Redec was it).
They need an interesting story (we hat Helghast, they hate ISA doesn't cut it anymore).
And it's a space war, so let us travel to new planets that the Helghast could be trying to harvest, from other civilizations.
Bring back jetpacks, and more features KZ2 / KZ3 had, keep the openness of KZ: Shadowfall, and they have a great KZ game.

Either that or Killzone: Resistance.

blakstarz1536d ago

I agree, I love the series and its one of the best FPS shooters I've played. But I think they need to take a break and recharge the batteries for a bit make something else, then sit at the roundtable when the time is right and everyone is refreshed on the team and then make another entry in the series.
You can burn yourself out at times when trying to top when you did.

WeAreLegion1536d ago

Honestly, I believe they have. I bet Cambridge is working on a new Killzone right now.

I don't blame all of Guerrilla for Shadow Fall. They hired an awful writing team. Seriously. Look them up. Just God awful. And they had to have it ready for launch. There was no getting around it.

magnumram80081536d ago

Im addicted to kz sf mp! Kz added humor in thi

brew1536d ago

Guerrilla Cambridge

- Dedicated servers
- 60 FPS
- Keep the challenges / unlocks
- Keep the free maps

- jetpacks in single player

PaleMoonDeath1536d ago

Y'know, I wouldn't mind a 1080p 60FPS Killzone 2 remaster, that was THE shooting game for me during the PS3 years.

Just make sure the MP is there too!

Majin-vegeta1536d ago

Agree the heavyness from the game is what made it stand out from the rest of shooters last gen.


PaleMoonDeath1536d ago

Me likey, even if it's just Killzone 2 itself, I'd re-buy it, probably just play Killzone 2 anhow if it were included in a collection of sorts, I wasn't super keen of KZ3 or KZ1.

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