Sonic X-treme Running on Sega Saturn Emulator

Chris Mawson writes: "Shock waves reverberated through the retro gaming community last week when it was reported that an ASSEMBLERgames forum user, jollyroger, had got his hands on a never-seen-before build of one of the industry's most infamous games, the cancelled Sega Saturn title, Sonic X-treme.

Some 18 years after it was scrapped by Sega amidst in-fighting and budgetary concerns, this new [limited] footage of the game, running in the SSF Sega Saturn emulator, has been released on YouTube."

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Fullmetalevolust1531d ago

Kinda cool, but mostly unplayable.

TeamVVV1530d ago

"running" might be a tad optimistic! :P

pwnsause_returns1530d ago

holy sh$$

they got the game running on the saturn....praise the homebrew community!!

mcstorm1530d ago

I still think Sega should jump all over this and look to make the game a downloadable total on one or all the next gen consoles as I think it would do well if sold at the right price.