New Killzone: Shadow Fall Patch on PS4 Will Add “a Whole New Dimension to the Game;” Coming Soon

Sony Computer Entertainment and Guerrilla Games just released the 10th anniversary pack for Killzone: Shadow Fall, but there’s more coming, as mentioned during the recent anniversary livestream by Lead Designer Eric Boltjes.

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NukaCola1530d ago

GTA V goes first person, maybe KZ goes TPS?

Or they mean 3D?

Abriael1530d ago

Lol, they're talking about progression.

inmusicutrust1530d ago

I don't think anyone actually read the article, everyone is just guessing what it could be...

thekhurg1529d ago

They've basically just taken a generic MMO formula and applied it to their game. Interesting idea, but I doubt it's enough to get people that left to come back.

bouzebbal1529d ago

no matter how weak Shadow Fall is compared to previous ones, i can nothing but salute GG's commitment to make it a better episode.
I lost count of the number of updates and patches this games has got.
i might have to go back to it and see if it got improved.

irepbtown1529d ago

In a nutshell: You get experience points which become a currency called 'Valor'. This currency will allow you to buy mysterious boxes (these boxes contain regular content you unlock through challenges).

And Daily challenges, example given is “kill 30 enemies” or “win five missions,” etc which will give you 'Valor'.

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Muerte24941530d ago

People can say what they want but they support their damn games. This launch titles is still getting support. All the whole nonsense about MP not being true 1080p, there is comparison online of COD:AW against (1180 X 1080) to Kill zones (940 X 1080 temporal). Guess which one looked sharper?

MMOBytes1530d ago

do you have a link? and dont you mean 1360 x 1080 on the xbox one.

Volkama1529d ago

It's great to see they are supporting the game, but the 1080p60 "we don't upscale, we just... scale... up..." was still lame.

Ps4andxb11529d ago

Interlaced resolution will only look "sharper" against lower resolution when the picture isn't moving.

When it moves, it becomes a mess of alternate frames being displayed at the same time.

XisThatKid1530d ago

3D? I love my projector and the opportunity to use the feature especially with my PS4.

MAULxx1529d ago

Do you use your projector for all video entertainment? How much does it cost per year?
I'm curious since plasma seems to be on its way out and I'll need a good picture at some point in the future.

ps360s1529d ago

Once you have a PJ (£500+) there is no going back!

I love mine(3D) and Have a Okayish sound bar/bass box to go with it

Have a 32" Sony tv below where I project the image too lol

It's incredible having a PJ

XisThatKid1528d ago

Yes my primary TV in the living room and bedroom my projector cost me 450$ I bought it used and an extra lamp cost 75$ I actually prefer it over TVs. I live a very nomadic life so portable HD and 3D TV access is all for me especcially setting up tournies at my college cafeteria and other places.

Majin-vegeta1530d ago

I would love a playlist that would allow us to play KZ in 3rd person O_O!!!!!!!!!!!

Big_Game_Hunters1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Morpheus support incoming.

memots1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I hope its 3d and move.

I have both ready to enjoy and was really disappointed that it was not in the new killzone it was well supported with Kz3.
I don't understand Sony sometimes.
They push 3d then drops it.
They push Move then drops it.
Vita ? Well i enjoy my Vita but it feels like it was dropped as well.

They hardly ever follow troughs and i find it annoying.

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KingIsBackBaby1530d ago

Can't wait to see what it is. :D

Ripsta7th1530d ago

I hope they add everything from Kz2, i want clans and KD and more weapons!

Majin-vegeta1530d ago

Clans yes.

K/D??Hell to no that crap is the sole reason a lot of shooters are now sh*t cuz morons rather worry about some dumb numbers than helping their team get to the objective.

I think ND said it best.

"We're not showing K/DR on any of our online stats - it encourages breaking the spirit of the game. So we're taking a hard line on this to see if it has any effect."

"A graph or spread should give you all the info you would want. If you really want your ratio, take the time to break out the calculator. There is too much focus on padding this stat to the detriment of the rest of the community and our experience with U2 has been that some players will abuse anything to bump up their KDR. I would have figured that kill-farming would be universally abhorred."

FITgamer1530d ago

That would be amazing. KZ2 multiplayer was one favorites.

FunAndGun1530d ago

uh oh, Killzone is going Interstellar.

WeAreLegion1530d ago

Just saw it last night. Excellent film!

DeadMansHand1530d ago

Was it really? I was worried they would cheese it. Was it a good story?

WeAreLegion1529d ago

It actually was. Nolan is hit or miss for me. Usually hit. But this one was such a great story with memorable and fun character development. There is legitimate substance. I was sucked in the entire time. (Something I honestly can't say about Gravity.)

Brilliant acting, all around. That's to be expected though.

Please see it. Also, I saw Big Hero 6 and Birdman this weekend. Both also amazing. Haha.

Kavorklestein1529d ago

Best movie of the year- BY FAR.
It starts up rather quick and keeps you in awe as soon the first scene in space starts. Amazing movie that exceeded my expectations. Had one part that made me think of a near death experience, and even seemed inspired by a Salvia trip or some hallucinogen. Film was stunning. Some parts even made me think of the planet descriptions from the Mass Effect series. If you even KINDA like sci-fi, do yourselves a favor and go see it!

MillyMike1530d ago

Taking some ideas from Destiny, I see. Not a bad idea.

Too bad I got rid of this game a while ago.

SoundGamer1530d ago

Not really. These were features that Killzone Mercenary was built around - a game released in 2013.