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Z-Giochi: "Halo: The Chief Master Collection is a fitting tribute to a great icon of the scene play. The work done by 343 Industries is indispensable, impressive and majestic in every respect, and even if you could do more about the technical side or maybe do more on the remastering of a greater number of multiplayer maps, we are excited to be the same to once again put his hand to one of the most popular FPS ever. Hundreds of hours of gameplay, four masterpieces that have shaped the history of gaming, the live action series Nightfall, the beta of Halo 5: Guardians and hundreds of maps of one of the most competitive ever created departments, are offered by this huge collection. In short, we are in the generation of remastered and ported and no one is happy of course, but it's an ill wind that blows nobody and Chief Master Collection is here to remind us. How do you tell? Want some advice? If you have never played the Halo series run out to buy, but if you have not played you will de...

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Halo2ODST21534d ago

It's good, done & done with, these games have already been released, unless its buggy as hell it's obviously gonna get a high score

Tom871534d ago

Wow 9.5 ! If this the best Halo game so far?

Trekster_Gamer1534d ago

Far and away the best collection,, best value
Tis a great time to own Xbox One.