Bioshock Dev's The Black Glove Falls $300,000 Short of Kickstarter Funding Goal

Developer Day For Night Games looking at other ways to publish the game.

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moomoo3191535d ago

The people have spoken let it die or fund it yourself

SamPao1535d ago

Or look for other options. Can't see anything wrong with that :P

moomoo3191535d ago

woops when i said fund it yourself i meant pitch it to a publisher or convince an investor, not pay for it out of pocket haha

slinky1234561535d ago

It was just a lot to ask for on Kickstarter. Others have done it yes, but the game didn't feel like it had so much going for it besides this little new concept of the glove.

Relientk771535d ago

This game looks excellent, I hope the devs find a way to save this game

hosseincode1535d ago

its just sad to see studios like Irrational Games get closed and some other BS developers make profits. just finished Burial at Sea Episode 2 and i was shocked to death after seeing the ending.

Ken Levine is a genius

Rhezin1535d ago

WHAT?! Irrational games closed?! NO!!! oh man that is awful!

theshredded1535d ago

sad to see trash make it and gems like this don't

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