Square Enix on a Hiring Spree for Final Fantasy XV; To use Industry-Leading Engineering and Art

Square Enix is going on a hiring spree for the final stretch of development of Final Fantasy XV, while Development Division 2 prepares to challenge the world stage with the best tech and art.

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masterfox1530d ago

It sures look like SE wants to pull another FFVII, can't wait for 2020 !!!

TheLyonKing1530d ago

I hope its well before that.

I am buzzing to play the demo for it "after" playing agito.
I love that marketing ploy to buy another game can't remember the last time it was done this big apart from crackdown to play halo.

Guwapo771530d ago

Can't wait till 2030 to play it!

EXVirtual1530d ago

Well then, 2016 it is.
I am almost glad about that.

Agent_hitman1530d ago

By the looks of it, it seems thaat FF15 is still far from finish. And SE is still hiring people to rush the development of this game. *sigh*

Honestly speaking I will not be surprised if SE will screw its fans again next year by just releasing the demo and not the full game. And we will wait for another 5 tiring years again.

Abriael1530d ago

You do understand that hiring for the final production stages of a game is fully par for course with industry standard?

SoulMikeY1530d ago

The important parts are done. They are hiring for side quests and environments and details at this point.

I don't get all the shit talking from people, they know how we feel about the game and are trying to make it great and out in a timely manner. Same with KH3. On FFXV, the second Nomura was done making the characters and story, they handed it to someone who can haul ass to finish the parts he probably would have taken too long to finish.

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