Should You Buy Telltale’s Next-Gen Walking Dead? Discussing The Pros and Cons

IM PLAYIN looks at the pros and cons for picking up Telltale's The Walking Dead Seasons 1 & 2 on the PS4 or Xbox One.

"I must admit, when I first thought about writing this article, I was considering trying to convince you all that buying The Walking Dead Seasons 1 & 2 on the PS4 and Xbox One was a good investment. That’s mostly down to the fact that I absolutely love these games, and I’m in awe of what Telltale has achieved through them. But, truthfully, I’m not sure if it is a good investment. Both seasons have been released at a time of the year which is going to be rammed with new games and, if you’re a little strapped for cash, there are definitely other things to spend your money on. Not only that, but there’s very little extra, (other than better graphics and the inclusion of the 400 Days DLC), on offer. They may be incredible games but, if you’ve already played them before, I’d have my work cut out for me to convince you that it’s worth spending another £40 to own them a...

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Rickgrimes951531d ago

If you haven't played it or just want to replay it hell yes I played it on ps4 runs so smooth did not have any noticible glitches. And 1080p 60fps glad I waited

XBLSkull1531d ago

I'm a long time fan of the comics and tv series but I honestly don't find this game to be any good. It's like a really un-fun, uninteresting, choose your own adventure. Seems highly overrated IMO. Played season 1, and found no reason to continue on. Way over priced too, should be $15 for access to all seasons.

Moe-Gunz1531d ago

Just another platform you can get it on. I didn't play it on my PS3 or 360. I decided to get it on PS4. Options is good and this game doesn't look demanding so it can be on as many platforms they want to put it on.

FullmetalRoyale1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Edit *I have played season one on PS3, have since then moved to Ps4, and have not played season two*

I dislike that I would have to buy season one AGAIN if I want to carry my progress over from season one to season two, on PS4.

I'm stuck not playing season two, because I am not spending fifty dollars, half of which would be spend to replay something I do not wish to replay(my play through was MY play through). I suppose I could dust off the ol' PS3, and buy it for last gen.

I suppose that is the only prudent thing to do. Season two looks soo good. :/

SpinalRemains1381531d ago

No. We already played 1 & 2 and we all want season 3.

HeavenlySnipes1531d ago

I already played both seasons on PC

But if they release season 1 and 2 digitally bundled for $20 I'll buy it again on current gen

HeavenlySnipes1531d ago

lol I like to do most of my gaming on one platform

If they bundle what has come out so far in one package before Season 3 I may buy it just so I have everything on my PS4 (which I primarily game on)

If they don't then I'll continue to play them on my PC

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