7 Improvements for the next Call of Duty

Dealspwn writes: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been a fantastic return for the mega-selling first-person-shooter franchise. In my review I heaped praised upon both the campaign mode and the fun multiplayer options, mainly because of the excellent shift in style afforded by the exoskeleton. All in all, it's the best Call of Duty game in years. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. There are still ways in which Call of Duty could blow away the competition and here are seven ways they could do it.

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Blues Cowboy1532d ago

For me the biggest issue with AW is that it's impossible to visually differentiate between friend and foe without looking at gamertag colour/lack thereof. Which is sometimes impossible in close quarters. There's too much customisation IMO, which would have been fine if loadout/exo colour changed to represent your team.

Other than that, very happy with AW and reckon that Sledgehammer are now the CoD team to beat. Big fan of Treyarch, though, so will be interested to see what they do.

Loadedklip1532d ago

While I commend Sledgehammer for doing something different ... the limited field of view in FPS games makes dealing with so much vertical combat difficult imo.

I much rather just have a basic ground shooter than all those jumping and boosting.

I am happy to see people liking Advance Warfare but it's just not for me personally.

1532d ago
bennissimo1532d ago

Dedicated servers, times 7.

List = competed

svoulis1532d ago

Completely Agree. I am loving this game except for those lobbies where you're like "okay that's 7 hit markers wtf" and you drop instantly.

Makes me want to assault things.

Rimeskeem1532d ago

Dedicated servers. And zombies not DLC. That's all I want

quenomamen1532d ago

Take the series out back and put one in it's head like a mule with a busted leg.
That's how you can improve it.

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