The games that have defined PS4 and Xbox One

"It's been one year since PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched around the world, and although the initial line-up of games was so remarkably drab and lifeless that it led executives to ponder why millions of people were buying the consoles in the first place, things have now picked up to the extent that there is lots of good stuff to choose from. So we've decided to do just that."

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ninsigma1529d ago

How about "The games that have defined the ps3 and xbox 360". Surely it's too early to talk about defining games when neither has released their big hitters yet? This feels like an article for when the generation is over.

DougLord1529d ago

PS4 - Drive Club BROKEN
TLOU - remake of a game everyone played 1 year ago

FH2 - Best Driving Game ever.
SSOD - best 3rd person shooter ever.
MCC - best FPS ever.

On got it

matt1391529d ago

Best 3rd person shooter ever is either gears or uncharted.

LightDiego1529d ago

"TLOU - remake of a game everyone played 1 year ago

MCC - best FPS ever ".

But Master Chief Collection it's a remake of a game that everyone played on Xbox first and 360, lol, if we follow your line of reasoning.
Both are great, by the way.

OB1Biker1529d ago

There should be Awards for best fanboy comments. At least those comments could be of some significant use considering all the time they waste trying to desperately promote their consoles it seems

bauer0071528d ago

you think sunset is the best 3rd person shooter ever? omgggggg you are hilarious!

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gameon19851529d ago

Games that define PS4 and Xbox One so far goes like this


Knack (tech Demo)
Killzone (tech demo)
Infamous (good but not great)
DC (Downgraded tech Demo, and very broken)
TLOU ( a very over milked game that will re release AGAIN!!! on PS3)

Xbox One

DR3 ( the first good open world game this gen)
Forza 5 ( the only 1080p/60fps exclusive for either console, but who cares that's just a slap in the face to sony fan boys.)
RYSE (yes a tech demo, but at least the story was good)
Killer instinc (the best fighter out right now)
FH2 ( the best racer out possibly ever right now)
SOD ( the best 3rd person game out right now the best exclusive out right now, and the best looking game out right now.)

StrawberryDiesel4201529d ago

Titanfall also is a revolutionary FPS that's quite fun, why is that not on your list?

1529d ago
StrawberryDiesel4201529d ago

It's definitely a quality game from a great dev, I love the vibrant colors and constant action. The gameplay is just fun and that's what's most important.

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