Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Evolve

DF: "Overall, from what we've played so far, Evolve is shaping up to be a promising multi-player shooter across all platforms, although it's clear that the netcode and matchmaking elements need a lot of work at this point before they are stable enough to provide a stress-free online experience."

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Double Toasted1533d ago

That forced 1080p isn't helping that performance.

Eonjay1533d ago

You mean the poor server performance. Doesn't really matter what it looks like if you can't play....

Double Toasted1532d ago

DF isn't talking about server performance and neither am I.

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MasterCornholio1532d ago

Developers are not being forced to produce the game at 1080P on the PS4. They could have avoided debates by reducing it to 900P but that didn't happen. If it's at 1080P on the PS4 that's because they have faith that the system can run the game at that resolution.

Volkama1532d ago

There might not be a policy that mandates PS4 games must be 1080p, but it is still pretty much a requirement. The voice of the community has spoken.

MasterCornholio1532d ago


And the Xbox community has been demanding more 1080P games.

What was your point?

Volkama1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

My point is that the devs may be feeling some pressure to deliver the game at 1080p, even if it isn't forced by any policy. Simply because the community have made it an important target.

I know this is N4G, but please try not to read every comment as a fanboy troll :|

MasterCornholio1531d ago


So your saying that developers pay attention to posters on N4G to avoid "debates and stuff"?

I don't agree with you on that.

Volkama1531d ago

No, I doubt many devs come willingly to this cesspit lol. But I think they are aware of 1080p being a talking point.

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kalimero21533d ago

remember when destiny beta on xbox one was 900p and full game 1080p?

Masterchief_thegoat1533d ago

I don't get this. this game come out next year, why they doing this bs

HaveAsandwich1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

lol ps4 version never loaded correctly the entire alpha. it was a confirmed disaster.

fanboysmackdown1532d ago

And more Sony fanboys talking out of their asses. Thief's End....yep you've seen it and enough of it to know how perfect it is, LMAO! Truth about Evolve is that it should have probably been scaled back to 900p on PS4 (god forbid there would be a Sony crybaby revolt though) to make it run smoother and Sony's crap servers won't allow it to run smoothly anyhow. Turtle is doing their best to get this up and running on 3 platforms and it's presenting a challenge and it sure does look good graphically. I'm looking forward to it and I'm waiting to see which console version runs best before buying.

beastModeOn1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Yes. Thief's End will be the best game of 2015. Any problem?

Another one of those fake multiconsole owners trying to hide their true identity behind an unbiased username eh? Lmao! Nice try.


Haha, I looked at your comment history and found you an xbox cheerleader.
Multiconsole owner MY ASS. Lmao!

Any btw, ND's history is enough to tell us that theif's End will be ace. So keep crying. :^)

It will be one of the best games of 2015. Fact!
It will be one the highest rated game of 2015. Fact!
So what were you talking out of your ass?

fanboysmackdown1532d ago

So you've seen it too Mr, fanboy, you guys are truly blessed. Fake owner...haha that is frickin' hilarity. No I quite enjoy my PS4, just not the snotnosed cheerleaders who boast it up.

KingIsBackBaby1532d ago

Wait, wait, wait!

So here is your first post made on this site

"I don't play f-rates and resolutes, I play games. Nobody would ever know if it was 30 or 60 f's if they never knew. This debate is so old and such a joke."

Now you are saying:-

"I'm looking forward to it and I'm waiting to see which console version runs best before buying."

I think it's pretty clear by now who is a real hypocrite, who talks out his ass.

So performance didn't matter initially but just when you got a sight of xbone having upper hand in fps, tune is changing eh?