Our Watch Dogs 2 wishlist

Last week brought news that Watch Dogs has now shipped more than nine million copies. (Not sold; game companies don’t talk about that as much). It’s another sign that Watch Dogs 2 — and probably Watch Dogs 3 — is inevitable. Well, Ubisoft people, if sequels will be made, we have some requests…

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1533d ago

I wish that you only had to hack things that a normal person with hacking skills could hack in to.

I wish that the driving in Watch Dogs 2 doesn't suck like it did in the original.

I wish Ubisoft would not put so many pointless, and repetitive side missions in WD2 and add more missions to the actual story.

Masterchief_thegoat1533d ago

funny part is, I will get the seq. please ubisoft don't add the drinking game. I plat the game before they nerf d.g and please add cool main Protagonist and supportive cast. the main character from watchdog was boring and not interesting.

Geekman1533d ago

First one is a stupid thing to complain about. Especially with these two videos out.

Other two are legit, though to be fair the campaign was pretty long.