Nvidia: Golden Days of Consoles Are Over, So Many Other Ways To Enjoy Games

Nvidia's CEO at the recent earnings call stated that the best period of console gaming is over and now there are many alternatives to properly enjoy games.

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Nyxus1534d ago

Hardware sales suggest otherwise.

codelyoko1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Actually hardware sales DO suggest the same. The trick is differentiating the mainstream PC OEM industry (usually without GPUs) from the Gaming Oriented hardware.

Nvidia's share price has been enjoying an absolutely positive trend since the past 7 years or so and thats 60% of the PC Gaming industry right there. AMD is in a bit of a pickle with a fluctuating trend but that is because R&D costs are too high, and they can't afford it. And imagine for a second that AMD powers consoles while there aint a single Nvidia Chip in any console. Thankfully for consoles, AMD is protected from insolvency by Law ;) If AMD dies, Nvidia will become a monopoly (which Laws prohibit).

Still, I dont believe for a second that consoles are dying anytime soon. Both platforms have their advantages and both should and will co exist for the forseeable future.

Nyxus1534d ago

I was just talking about the fact that this generation of consoles (especially the PS4) is setting all kinds of sales records. I agree with you that both consoles and PC will coexist.

DeadRabbits1533d ago

If I had of built my PC first I would never have got a PS4. For heavens sake I just got CODAW for 34 euro compared to 60 euro on PS4 and FIFA 15 is now going for 24 euro on PC.
Also I am playing through Skyrim I bought for 5 euro modded out to the max!

TFJWM1533d ago

Umm anti-trust laws do not work like how you are implying. If AMD had to sell off all their assets the law would prevent Nvidea from buying them up not other companies.

Sy_Wolf1533d ago

Actually sales show consoles have never been in a better place. The PS4 is the fastest sellng console ever...

Wizard_King1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

What they are saying is the golden era of consoles is over and that is true.

-Lowest launch game count of any gen ever
-for 1 year in lowest game count of any gen ever
-most expensive games of any gen ever
-shortest single player experiences on consoles of any generation ever
-Paying to access online multiplayer is a console standard now
-planned and withheld content now sold as DLC after the fact is a norm on consoles now
-Still using shitty p2p networks for AAA shooters (only on consoles lol)
-Smartphones launching with faster CPUs and GPUs paired with 2k and 4k screens

Yeah I'd say the golden age for consoles is well and truly over. The best times for consoles where the PS2/Xbox days and things have progressively gone down hill since then.

Prove me wrong.

Meanwhile PC gaming goes from strength to strength and is what you choose to make of it. Literally 1000's of fantastic titles out there.

mep691533d ago

@Wizard_King Yeah, i regret buying my PS4 a launch. I've got 4 games and only completed 3. I've used my nintendo wii more than then PS4 so far.
PC all the way :P

thekhurg1533d ago

Agree - consoles aren't dying anytime soon.

Chris5581533d ago

Wizard you forgot about cheapest consoles ever and best architecture (easy to make games for ever) etc

Chrischi19881533d ago

I wonder, if consoles will decline in sales, or if companies will pull a smartphone with consoles. Dont understand me wrong, what I mean with pull a smartphone is, release a new console every or every 2 years, make an OS which runs on all these consoles (of course Sony and MS and Nintendo all have their own OS) and make it like with smartphones. I kind of think Nintendo already did something like this, with the New 3DS. And that thing is selling like hotcakes. Who knows what will happen. I mean, we all know technology is evolving faster than ever. A new device becomes old faster than ever. So maybe that is the way of the future... Not too expensive consoles, just always up to date, if you know how I mean that.

Not that I want that^^ I like it better the way it is, but who knows, what will happen.

I am waiting for play online contracts, for 2 years, that will get you a console, just like with smartphones nowadays. This concept could actually work.

It is something like, pay $20 per month, play online and get the newest console or something like that...

King_of_Nothing1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

I know you have a law degree from the internet, but that's not how law relating to monopolies nor insolvency/bankruptcy at all. Its not illegal to be a monopoly per se, that is until there's anti-competitive acts taken by the company in a relevant market.

Also, please elaborate on this special status enjoyed by AMD that cuts out an exception in the legal system and economic market for them to be protected from insolvency.

PS. there's a reason people go to school for 7+ years to practice law, one is to avoid spouting false information. kthxbye

jdiggitty1533d ago

AMD stock price has gone from $10 five years ago to $2.75 today. They have never paid a dividend either. Did you even bother to look at the share prices before writing that?

jebabcock1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Well since ati owns the console space and nvidia failed to enter it on its own. Do you expect them to say any different?

Ju1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )


All this applies to PC gaming as well

-Lowest launch game count of any gen ever

Does a PC actually have a launch window? # of games on PC does not really exceed console releases, however, not all console games are released on PC either.

-for 1 year in lowest game count of any gen ever
-most expensive games of any gen ever

These two are probably related: Highest production value of games ever. We can debate gameplay, but from the level of details which are going into todays games and the budget this requires release are slower - and yet I am still budget constraint to play everything I want. And yet, I would argue, without consoles, those games would probably never come to PCs.

-shortest single player experiences on consoles of any generation ever

How is this different on PCs? Those games run there, too.

-Paying to access online multiplayer is a console standard now

How is this different on PC? XBL costs money there, too. Rest...well...I'l get to that.

-planned and withheld content now sold as DLC after the fact is a norm on consoles now

How is this different on PCs? You get the same DLC.

-Still using shitty p2p networks for AAA shooters (only on consoles lol)

How is this different on PCs? The servers are exactly the same. What makes it worse is, there is not a single online platform but 3 or 4 or what do I know how many (XBL, Steam, Origin, GameSpy and what not). None of those has dedicated servers (XBL probably offers the same access to servers on PC and XBO).

-Smartphones launching with faster CPUs and GPUs paired with 2k and 4k screens

Nope. Far slower CPU/GPU and 2k/4K on a tiny screen just covers up the lack of polygons and details games in that resolution actually have. Those are far behind even last gen consoles (still - while they are getting close).

It's the typical NVidia PR. Promis, promis, promis. Yet I fail to see them deliver.

UltimateMaster1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )


-Lowest launch game count of any gen ever
-for 1 year in lowest ever game count of any gen

The PS Vita had the highest game count launch of any console in history and exclusives it's first year, even more than the PS2. How's that in any way relevant to sales?

-most expensive games of any gen ever

Same price as last gen.

-shortest single player experiences on consoles of any generation ever

I remember how Heavenly Sword and Genji on the PS3 was much shorter than any of the PS4 exclusive titles.

-Paying to access online multiplayer is a console standard now

It's always been the case on Xbox, that never stop people from paying before. It's not the case on the portable consoles and Wii U.

-planned and withheld content now sold as DLC after the fact is a norm on consoles now

Also true for PC, nothing different.

-Still using shitty p2p networks for AAA shooters (only on consoles lol)

That's ESPECIALLY True on PC. Unless you're playing some huge MMO, you will be getting p2p.

-Smartphones launching with faster CPUs and GPUs paired with 2k and 4k screens

Name one. (Readies pop corn)
Then tell me which AAA games runs on smartphones.


COD AW is already half price for consoles (30$)
at some retailers.
They sell you the "Day Zero" because they know that day 2, it'll be half price, or at least it will be when Black Friday arrives.

Antifan1533d ago

Why don't nvidia come sell me a gaming PC at the same price point as ps4 and xbone, then I'll believe them. Until then, it's all rubbish.

ProjectVulcan1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Golden days died with the PS2 for me. PC has been declared dead so many times the past two decades and yet it's very much thriving even in the face of new consoles.

This shows how strong it has become. Traditionally new consoles signalled a serious slump in PC GPU sales until it picked up later in the console's life, they often dictated the health of PC, but now PS4 and Xbox One launches haven't made remotely the same impact.

starchild1533d ago

Well said. Both PC and consoles are flourishing. All of the platforms are doing well and we should just be happy that we are living in a golden age of gaming. There has never been a greater diversity of games and different ways to enjoy them than there is right now.

Utalkin2me1533d ago

So if that is true, then why would they even comment about it? Nvidia getting a little to cocky for their own good and personally makes me want to buy ATI for my next card.

UnHoly_One1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )


"Lowest launch game count of any gen ever"

N64 launched with 2 available games in the US.


Mario and Pilotwings

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decrypt1534d ago


Consoles have no games. Hardware useless without games.

rocketpanda1533d ago

Consoles have no games is what a 5 year old would say without giving justification for your argument because you seem to show favour to a particular platform. Just because there are multiplatform games you can get on the PC doesn't make any other platform less relevant. Some people prefer not upgrading their hardware or drivers and content wotwith not having the super uber visuals.

Just because there is nothing "you" find appealing on consoles doesn't mean there are no games!

thekhurg1533d ago

"Consoles have no games."

Said no one ever.

ShinMaster1533d ago

One could argue similarly for high-end PCs, with no more than 2 games that take advantage of that hardware and the most popular games on PC being MOBAs, MMOs, indies, all that hardware is pointless.

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snookiegamer1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Nvidia are just salty that they didn't get the current gen contract. Nvidia would be singing from a different Hymn sheet had their components been chosen for PS4/X1 instead of AMD.

I imagine PC Gamer's will share a different opinion...Some are as much a fanboy as any PS/Xbox user, except with added elitism!

shloobmm31533d ago

They are only saying that because AMD has the contracts now.

Palitera1533d ago

Get used to it. They'll cry the whole generation.

Chrischi19881533d ago

Yeah, not because of they still earning money, while AMD has trouble to make even a dollar. You know, these companies are in the game, for making money, not to make presents.

Azzanation1533d ago

Your correct, that's why this article exist, Nvidia is killing the competition in sales and destroying console sales aswell. You don't need Sony or Xbox to invest 2 to 3 billion in R and D to produce console hardware when there are other ways to game.

1533d ago
Magicite1533d ago

There have always been many alternatives, but for now all software sells best on PS4, so sorry Nvidia.

starchild1533d ago


And I'm not talking about pointing to one or two games we have sales figures for. I'm talking about proof that shows there are more games sold on PS4 than PC.

I would be willing to bet that there are more games sold on PC overall than any other platform. But sadly I don't think such figures are available. PC simply gets more games than any other platform so sales are spread out among more games.

venom_awakens1532d ago

Dimitrijs88 I completely agree with you.
You all that disagree what is your problem?
why you can't face the truth.
Most of the multiplatform games sell best on ps4 that's why you especially pc gamers take ports...

breakpad1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

i dont understand why so much hatred from Nvidia towrd consoles ..and is this due to AMD preferences of the two major console Companies ? is this due to PS4 overdominance , which dont be hypocrites is a japanese company that destroys sales of other consoles and PCs in Nvidia s area which is gaming. PS4 (and Xbone , Wii) create a serious competition against a graphic card manufacture who mainly targets PC gaming ...Nvdia gtfo you are just buthurt from consoles exclusive gaming (which is far superior than PCs)and a possible decline of high end-PC building

ABizzel11533d ago


Yes and No. NVIDIA wants to be a Monopoly or as close to it as possible. So if consoles die, that only leaves PC and mobile. NVIDIA is the biggest GPU manufacturer in PC gaming, so they could finally try to put the nail in AMD, and they're becoming possibly the best Mobile Performer as well with their current Tegra plans. Although the competition in mobile is harder for them, because there are already established players who control most of the market share already. The only good news for NVIDIA is technologically (GPU wise at least) they are slightly ahead of the curve with the main players playing catch-up a few months later.

It's just pure corporate greed, and something that needs to be balanced, because if it's only NVIDIA I can guarantee you the price of gaming will skyrocket.

r1sh121533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Theres a few things that are misrepresented, the old days gaming and games was a bit niche, dont get me wrong it might have been big but nothing compared to the present. Now a days its a lot more accepted, hence the number of casuals who play certain titles like COD because their friends/ family members do.

The total number of console games has increased exponentially, hence the great sales of the current gen (xbone/ps4).
Again whilst PS4/xbone sales are a good indicator of sales, we actually dont know how many of those sales were upgrades from the previous gen, whereas with PC one of the first things to 'upgrade' is usually the GPU or RAM, and therefore a new PC would not need to be purchased.
hence the numbers would never directly correlate, I have to say from being a gamer across pretty much most platforms over the past 15ish years PC did drop off for the past 10 or so, but its made a very strong comeback.
For the first time in many years I have not purchased release day consoles, for the moment although the PS4 is amazingly good value, there is no proposition for me to purchase either of the consoles, because the majority of the games I do want are on PC, albeit different release dates in some cases (GTA V etc).

With exclusives on PS4/xbone I have the same luxuries with PC where things like DayZ etc are actually just as fun.
Consoles will never die, but the momentum for PC is growing.
With the steambox it could disrupt home gaming a little and whilst the initial cost of a gaming PC is higher than a console, the games are cheaper so over a generation I would spend less.
I also would not need to pay for online gaming like XBL and PSN/SSN

r1sh121533d ago

I work with Nvidia commercially and they have a lot more going on than most would realise.
E.g the Tesla range of cards are used for facial recognition and there really isnt anyone competing.
I know I work for enterprise security and we integrate NEC neoface who spec tesla cards for production systems.

Nvidia also have the tegra cards going into small applications to use cuda cores to do live computing on ANPR, facial rec etc...

Nvidia of course make a lot of money on PC gaming, and thats their core market and they are not really in the console war so they do need to get into that market somehow.
PC gaming/ steam boxes are a way to do so, I doubt they will do much damage for now anyway

2cents1533d ago

of course they would say this because the days of console gaming is over for them!
They can keep all the 'other' ways of gaming.

I think we are all very happy to continue to play fully fledged games on our consoles for many years to come, while we continue to be amused at 'other ways to play games'.

Nice try Nvidia

frostypants1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Yeah, Nvidia desperately wants the golden age of "real" PC gaming to return (today's numbers are inflated by Farmville-like stuff), because even when they get their hardware into consoles, they have to deal with the low margins of volume pricing imposed by MS and Sony. Console success in turn makes people less likely to buy powerful PC hardware, resulting in people buying Nvidia's lower spec GPUs, so it's sort of a double-windfall for them if they can push people back to the mid-high PC market. This is more wishful thinking than reality by Nvidia. Consoles have never sold better than this.

I used to do the majority of my gaming on PCs. No longer...and the reasons are becoming fewer.

hiredhelp1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Firstly dont attack me green team ive stated countless times ive batted both teams greens and reds.
But finally the ceo shows true colors all cos AMD has there hardware this gen consoles and yes you maybe taking lead on pc platform but to count out consoles is stupid.

SilentNegotiator1533d ago

I think every generation of consoles has sold more hardware than the last, so...

Dannylew1533d ago

Not only :d hahahah but this desperate intention to talking bad about "console" in a world that is more and more smart and portable... is completely out!!!...

only nvidia "because feels InVIDIA" are capable of this affermation.

Clunkyd1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

yep, even if a high end PC was the same price of a console, I still wouldn't get one for the reason that I find gaming on a computer unappealing. That and for the reason that it doesn't have good AAA exclusives on there. IMO

16bitNutritionist1533d ago

Give me a way of experiencing all the AAA exclusives that console get on another system and I'll give it a serious will never happen though...

Dynasty20211533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )


PC hardware sales are officially outselling consoles.

PC gaming hardware is doing better than ever. Wake up.

And I love how everyone is saying Nvidia is clearly miffed at losing out to AMD.


Nvidia has always been, FOREVER, given you the best "Bang for your buck" - they have as near as makes no difference beaten AMD in every card category/price band in over 10 years, simply out-powering them, using less power, less heat, more FPS etc, and so many games are made for PC specifically coded to make use of Nvidia combined with Intel, to the point where I'm surprised if a game fires up and says "AMD" instead of "Nvidia" in the loading screen/intro.

The ONLY reason you choose AMD is to save money. They're a poor man's hardware.

Kind of like a console.

Crazay1532d ago

you seem...sad or upset. need a hug?

Elronza1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

You speak the absolute truth bro! I own both an Asus Rog G46vw and an Nvidia Shield Portable And don't even remotely care to own one of these under-powered consoles this generation! Not to mention my 3g PS Vita and PS3 collect dust!While the console gamers are arguing about 900p vs 1080p. I and my Gtx 660m are playing games in 4k same goes for my Nvidia Shield Portable!

Muzikguy1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

So when PS5 gets released their going to change their minds and put a card in it?! Nvidia keeps talking trash. I'll take a console over a phone/tablet any day thank you very much

KillerResistance1532d ago

but would u take a console over a PC Gaming Machine that has a NVidia GTX980, i7, and a 4k Monitor? what does phone/tablet have to do with Nvidia? they're PC GPU company

Muzikguy1532d ago

Well the talk is about so many other ways to play games. PC is just one

"He also mentioned the fact that Android is poised to be a great mobile gaming platform of the future."

That's why I say tablet and phone

Crazay1532d ago

So says the CEO of the company that WASN'T picked by any company to be the provider of GPUs in the current market.

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nucky641534d ago

whoever wrote the article needs to explain to me how I can play bloodborne, the order, and uncharted far as I know there aren't "many alternatives".

decrypt1534d ago

Why would you like to limit yourself to a handful of games (most of which arent even out yet lol).

PC has 30 years of BC with over 4000 games on Steam alone. Not to mention the thousands Steam doesnt have.

In comparison the new consoles have no games.

DragoonsScaleLegends1533d ago

So many older games do not work on the newest Windows, and so many more of the newest games no longer support the older versions of Windows. Linux and Mac support for games is laughable. PC gaming involves a a$$ load of troubleshooting for older games while newer games seem to get buggier with every release. Quantity does not mean quality no matter how far you push those graphics.

WalterWJR1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Ps1 has 1300 games in the US alone so I don't really get your point.

edqe1533d ago

drpepperdude: "Linux and Mac support for games is laughable."

According to wikipedia Linux has hundreds of games more than PS4 or XBox One so the support is not that bad. Sure, many console game ports is still lacking but it has many great PC games.

sinspirit1533d ago

Who's limiting themselves? You think people here only play one console or PC? I play every console I can get my hands on. I primarily game on PC though. I plan on getting a PS4 eventually but I just don't have the money to get a TV along with it right now because I don't have one anymore.

FriedGoat1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

As someone who's gamed on PC since the beginning of the 90's, a back catalogue doesn't help me, i've played all I need to play. PC is lacking in NEW games, MOBAs are boring, all the best shooters such as quake 3 are dead or you can play counterstrike (which i've already played to death).

All you get to play is bad ports. PC doesn't have much going for it for me ATM. Things might change when Star Citizen comes though.

The place for new AAA is consoles, simple as that.

r1sh121533d ago

What are you talking about?
Every game on steam works with pretty much every major OS for PC, there are updates and patches.
E.g I recently played Knights of the old republic, jedi knight dark forces on windows 8.1 without any issue.

What games are you talking about that need troubleshooting?

andibandit1533d ago


just run a virtualized version of whatever windows you need.

frostypants1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Please stop with the retro games argument. It's older than you are.

@andibandit: The vast majority of people aren't going to, nor want to, set up a virtualized machine just to play an old game. Even if they, like me, know how to.

decrypt1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )


Retro is just an option, nothing wrong with having options.

Though tell me, why do console gamers jump like little girls when games like Tombraider are announced for new consoles? Those are old games too. So there you go, most of you dont admit it but will go out of the way to pay 2x to get a game back.

Last gen we had PS fans screaming like little girls at the announcement of a God of war trilogy, most of them are even now begging for a uncharted remake on ps4, of course you can be a hypocrite and deny.

For those of you who claim you can hook up an old console to your new HDTV, be my guest enjoy the jaggies on the new TV.

I stand by my statement, PS4 or XB1 hardly have any games. What little exclusives they do have are not system sellers. Multiplats run better on PC anyways, not to mention PC tons of its own exclusives which is a number any console can no longer match even given a decade wont happen.

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codelyoko1534d ago

"whoever wrote the article needs to explain" seriously? the poor guy is just quoting Nvidia's CEO. All this game-journalism-hate is starting to get old.

1533d ago
tee_bag2421533d ago

Funny.. You must have a time machine if you're playing them right now

mysteryraz111533d ago

My number 1 fanboy making a fool out of himself once again, what else is new

Irishguy951533d ago

Yeah i'm playing them on Ps4 right now...oh, they aren't out

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masterfox1534d ago

"So Many Other Ways To Enjoy Games"<-- I agree on this, but sadly Nvidia doesn't fit in that sentence with their ridiculous GPU prices and wasted raw power, also if hes talking about Mobile gaming he is just retarded then, sorry but thats the hard cold truth ;)

Vegamyster1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

"Nvidia doesn't fit in that sentence with their ridiculous GPU prices and wasted raw power"

The GTX 970 is around the same price as r9 290 but it gives better performance and uses less energy, usually they're more expensive but there cards always draw less energy and have better performance but the price isn't really a factor with their new cards.

HaveAsandwich1533d ago

he's still mad about amd being chosen for next gen consoles. salt.