CraigheadPro - Will DLC Ever Be Right Within The Video Game Industry

Do you believe that DLC (downloadable content) is a bad business practice within the video game industry? CD PROJEKT RED released 13 free pieces of DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which is unlike most video game business practices.

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Zsharpes1531d ago

Best DLC Cash Cow NA = Destiny.

ThatGamingCritic1531d ago


Genova841530d ago

I recall when street fighter 2 turbo came out I said, "I wish I could upgrade my version rather than having to buy a new game. That would be awesome!"

Careful what you wish for I guess?

deadpools_n641530d ago

I have yet to buy any dlc. I usually will wait till the "game of the year edition" of whatever game I'm hooked on. Still to this day haven't bought one piece of dlc for COD unless it came with the game prepackaged. I know to some that makes me weird and to others less of a gamer. I'm just a believer in once a game is released it should stand on in merits without me having to shell out additional cash for the "complete" experience. But then again the height of gaming for me was the ps1/n64/Xbox days when news I.Ps were imagined daily and everything was a close race about being a better game not about just better resolution and frame rates. But yeah back to subject at hand I'm not a fan of dlc it's just milking kids allowances dry these days.

Zsharpes1530d ago

Definitely smart to wait for the GOTY versions.

Majin-vegeta1530d ago

CD Projekt Red is doing DLC right.I hope people go out and buy W3 and support them

christian hour1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

I remember pc Epansion packs fondly in the 90's/early 00's. They were always packed full of content and great value for your money.

When Microsoft introduced "Microtransactions" in 2005 with the dawn of xbox360, I was expecting something very similar.

I was not expecting EA to start a trend right out of the gate on launch day with 128kb encryption keys to unlock content already on the disc.

Was not expecting that at all!

I miss the days of decent, purchase worthy expansion packs; the odd PC game gets them now and then but alas I can't afford to keep up with PC gaming, and I certainly can't afford to keep up with all of this micro-dlc that EA/ACTI/UBI/EVERYBODY brings out.

Massive respect to any game developer that pushes out free DLC, and any publisher that allows them to do so.


Also on a side note, I hate content being cut to be later sold as DLC or as Pre-Order incentives for target/bestbuy/gamestop/wherev er. Especially since most those stores don't exist in the EU.

I remember an old spiderman game on ps1 where you could unlock about 50 different costumes all from classic comics or tv shows.

Whereas a modern example like Arkham City, lots of cool costumes, some I REALLY wanted, but couldnt get because it was for a pre order in a store that wasn't in Europe, or it was later sold as DLC I couldnt justify purchasing.

It's a shame but it's a practice that's here to stay by the looks of things, sometimes I miss the days when gaming was a niche thing that wasn't full of Executives with zero background in/or love for gaming/the consumer.

Zsharpes1530d ago

Money talks and unfortunately a lot of people like throwing money at stuff they should have already been able to play on launch.