Amiibo Bonus Survey Polls Select Club Nintendo Members

An amiibo Bonus Survey sent to select Club Nintendo members to poll fan interest in the figures gives a sense of what Nintendo might be planning.

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deadpools_n641533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Captain falcon ftw

R00bot1533d ago

Huh, special edition Amiibo in different colours and stuff could be cool.

DryBoneKoopa851533d ago

Just finished my survey up! Some interesting things are asked. I wonder what Nintendo has in-store for Amiibo in the future.

rivencleft1532d ago

Just finished my survey as well, on the same page as you, already seems like they have some really neat and impressive functionality in-game so I'm curious as to how they can improve upon what they've already described as features for the Amiibos. I just think it's going to be awesome having the figurines, especially Link.

contradictory1531d ago

is it bad that i'm actually kinda looking forward to the amiibos?