Target B2G1 Free Sale on PS4, Xbox One Games Now Live Before Black Friday

Techtorial: Target's Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal on video games is now listed online earlier than schedule.

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xwilldemise1533d ago

Anyone know how to get ahold of Targets $10 promo code?
Seems like a sweet deal to get ahold of upcoming games for $35!

danny8181533d ago

U should be able to download targets app "cartwheel" but I checked and there is no $10 off promo :(

AliTheSnake11533d ago

Wish this was next week. The best games are coming out next week.
I guess I'll wait for Tuesday, snatch AC unity with COD and some other game.

fluke81533d ago

I'm not seeing a $15 pre-order credit. Also, it doesn't seem to work with pre-orders (except assassins creed).

Jaqen_Hghar1533d ago

So a man tried to buy TWD season 1 and 2 on PS4 and then Sleeping Dogs definitive. Is there any way to get sleeping dogs for free out of those 3 or is it always the least expensive one that gets the deal?

Godchild10201533d ago

Its always equal or lesser value that is free.

Jaqen_Hghar1533d ago

damn. Guess a man COULD get all 3 Telltale games and it would be like getting them for $20 each...hmmmm

xwilldemise1533d ago

Also does anyone know what's Targets policy on returning games still sealed with a receipt. I'm thinking of buying Ass Creed(which I want) & two copied of CoD:AW & return those two with receipt & everything still sealed on the 18th when most big games come out & exchange them for LittleBigPlanet & WWE. Is this possible?

If yea this quite possibly seems the best way to take advantage of this But 2 Get 1 Free since most games don't come out till the 18th including the ones I said above u also got GTA, Dragon Age, Far Cry, etc

Ethereal1533d ago

You will not be able to do this because it is a promotion if you return one game, all items must be returned for refund. It says on the receipt that all items must be returned. Picked up a few titles today myself.

masadiam821532d ago

That's only if you return them to get money back. If you're only exchanging an item it's no problem easy peazy.

amnalehu1533d ago

I did this exact same thing last year and it worked. I bought 2 copies of AC4 because nothing else was available and then when they got more games in stock I went back and excanged one of the copies.

xwilldemise1533d ago

Cool I guess I shall try this then & hope for the best. If it doesn't work I figure I can always Trade it in or sell it online. Thanks!

masadiam821532d ago

It worked last year, where I returned one of the three games for a game that was out of stock.

Ethereal1532d ago

Well then have at it! Good to know guys.

GotEnder1533d ago

I used the deal twice. I bought sunset overdrive, hyrule warriors, driveclub, and three copies of cod AW. 1 for me and the other 2 copies are gifts for family.

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