Call of Duty Advanced Warfare at $30 From Veterans Day Sale Ad (Confirmation)

Techtorial: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is confirmed to be for sale at $30 from BrandsMart retailer as part of its Veterans Day event.

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ThatGamingCritic1531d ago

Wow this is great to know if I was into that awful franchise!

Farsendor11531d ago

I haven't played cod in a few years coming back to it I have to say i'm having a lot of fun more fun than I expected to have.

xwilldemise1531d ago

Wait will this be online aswell because I never heard of this retailer!

Also the article talks about Best Buy price matching? I'm pretty sure if I go into Best Buy with a bad that's not theirs asking to get Advanced Warfare for 50% off they'll look at me like I'm some sort of next level crazy!

XtraTrstrL1531d ago

You really never heard of BrandsMart?

xwilldemise1531d ago

Nahhh & I tried googling it & I don't think the store here in NYC exists no more.
Regardless I shall try Best Buy but knowing my luck the employees won't even know about their own jobs price matching .-.

R1CAN6171531d ago

Never heard of this place but I can't even find there video games let alone Advanced Warfare

hotbeef1531d ago

I've never heard of brandsmart either but at as long as it's in best buy's price match database, shouldnt be any issues. I've price matched from micro center, Amazon and newegg at best buy before from pulling up the price on my phone.

gc151531d ago

i never heard of brandsmart either, but I'm hoping best buy would accept this, even though there is no brandsmart in this area.

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The story is too old to be commented.