Glacier White, Jet Black and Wave Blue DualShock 4 controllers 25% off in new deal

The prices for the Glacier White, Jet Black and Wave Blue DualShock 4 controllers have been discounted to just $44.99, 25% off of the regular pricing.

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Snookies121530d ago

Ah man, so tempted to grab a white one, even though I don't have my PS4 yet. I can't help it, that white/black controller is just too dang sexy.

badboyz091530d ago

Is the Rubber material any better on the white model Dualshock 4?

beastModeOn1530d ago

Yes rubber material is much improved on newer models.

badz1491530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

much improved! such better! wow

on topic,

I have the original black, the blue one and the red one and really like to get the white one just to have one of everything. the original black has worn out a bit at the left stick and I'm getting one of those grip cover to "fix" it but the blue one is a bit loose at the R2. too much Driveclub might have caused it but shouldn't have happened this early in it's life cycle. I just had it for like a month!

jeremyj29131530d ago

And STILL no damn mention of the Magma Red one in the US!!!! >:-(

I want it so bad but don't want to pay more because of shipping.

Skate-AK1530d ago

This. I have been waiting for a while now.

JudgmentJay1530d ago

Really glad to hear that they have improved the rubber material on the controllers it was long overdue.

But are they still shipping out controllers with faulty R2 and R1 buttons? I'm currently on my 3rd controller in just 4 months even though I take good care of my things and would hate to see this happen to other people aswell.

sparced1530d ago

They need to sell the grey camo DS4 in a lot more retailers and including the UK.

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