X-Force Reminds Gamers that the Commodore 64 Can Rock Scrolling Shooters

Carl Williams writes, "Side scrolling shooters. A genre that used to rule the roost in gaming, no matter what platform you gamed on, there was probably more than a handful of side scrolling shooters (unless it was a 3DO, CD-i or Playdia that is). From the likes of Nemesis II on the Game Boy to Thunder Force III on the Sega Genesis, this genre was bursting at the seams. What happened? I am not quite sure. Scrolling shooters in general have fallen from their high pedestal, though some gems are still released for newer platforms (if you are into “bullet hell” variations). X-Force reminds us that the Commodore 64 can rock this genre just as well today as it could in the 80’s."

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