Haven’t Got a PS4 Yet? Here’s 10 Solid Reasons Why You Should Buy One This Christmas

PS4Home: "The PlayStation 4 currently represents the best of what’s out there and it has basically helped Sony defeat Microsoft and the Xbox One (commercially speaking)."

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yarbie10001532d ago

There is only one solid reason why I haven't purchased a PS4 yet - waiting on a must have exclusive AAA game. When it comes - i'll happily pull the trigger

Abash1532d ago

It makes a lot of sense to get a PS4 for Christmas for those who are waiting, I mean a little over a month later Bloodborne releases. And then two weeks after that, The Order: 1886 will launch. Two big exclusives just in the window of Q1 2015, and then there's the PlayStation Experience event next month that will show even more PS4 exclusives.

decrypt1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )


True lol,

I would challenge PS4 gamers to name 5 AAA must have games that are not multiplats.

As of now PS4 has no games which advocate a PS4 purchase.

Omran1532d ago

challenge accepted :

Guilt Gear ( Not AAA) but still fun to play
Drive Club
Infamous Second Son( also standalone DLC story(first Light))
The Last of Us Remastered

also you have other games such as Killzone and Knack

Ra30301532d ago

But neither does the Xbox One. I doubt most gamers Know the definition of what a AAA title is and even though a game looks like a AAA before it releases it needs to sell more than well to claim AAA status. Also just because we expect a title to be AAA doesn't mean that it will be. You clearly don't dont care for what the Playstation console has to offer or thats what I take from your question in which you ask about 5 AAA PS4 titles and that's ok. But you don't name 5 from the WII U or The Xbox One and Though I can't speak to the WII U so I want but I will speak to the X1 and IMO the X1 doesn't have 5 AAA titles to date based on the definition of what a AAA title is. None of the X1 exclusives have sold enough to make the tripple A claim and just because someone claims a game is AAA it does not make it so. It's just my opinion but the triple A claim or status is very much overrated for example the game Knack some may love the game but I'm guessing no Xbox fan would call it a AAA game but to date it's sold around 1.2 million not nearly IMO enough to claim AAA status but in bundles and other offers that Sony will make and BTW it's the same Microsoft does with TitanFall and Forza 5 and other titles and then claim as sold it may one day get to claim AAA status.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

You do know that almost every "AAA" exclusive the Xbox One has is made by a third party developer right?

Drive Club


Infamous Second Son

The Last Of Us Remastered *available on ps3*

MLB 14 The Show *available on PS3*



All are noteworthy (respectable sales numbers and well received)were made by Sony FIRST PARTY studios.

As for Microsoft, Xbox One, and it's games, I have no idea what games are "must have" for that console, but I can run down the LIST OF "noteworthy" FIRST PARTY AAA TITLES that are available for the Xbox One:

Dead Rising 3 *available on PC*

Forza 5

Halo:MCC *Not Exclusive/remasters of games from Xbox, Xbox360*

Killer Instinct

Project Spark *Available on Xbox360*

Forza Horizon 2 *available on Xbox360*

There are more first party games available from Microsoft as well as Sony, but I have only listed those games that have been well received by consumers. Whether or not a game is good or bad is not for me to decide, especially since I haven't played any Xbox One games at all. Now i'm sure that there will be the typical response from the Xbox One crowd who will try to include games like Kinect Sports and Dance Central(Neither were well received), but when using the goal posts and criteria you yourself have set decrypt, "I would challenge PS4 gamers to name 5 AAA must have games" it is quiet clear which console has more "noteworthy" and "memorable" games.

Infamous Second Son

The Last Of Us Remastered

MLB 14 The Show




Forza Horizon 2

Forza 5

Project Spark

Halo MCC

Dead Rising 3

Killer Instinct

I will definitely put the PS4's list of games up against Xbox One's AAA "FIRST PARTY" LINEUP.

Most of the memorable and noteworthy games available for Xbox One are 3rd party exclusives.

Now i'll just sit back and wait for this to happen...

Army_of_Darkness1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )


Dude, your challenge is just plain retarded.
But for the sake of humour, I'll bite ;-)

1. PS4 MULTIPLATS are the better versions :-D
2. Last of us remastered
3. Tomb raider DE (way superior to the xbone version since it's 1080p @60fps on ps4)
4. Samurai warriors 4(Not on xbone)
5. the order & blood borne( coming in a couple months)

I have Killzone shadow fall, wolfensteine and infamous SS but have yet to play them cause I've been busy with Anomaly 2 and samurai warriors 4, plus a couple ps+ freebees so I have yet to judge them...
But to counter your bullsh!t comment, YES the ps4 has some good current and especially upcoming exclusives not to mention the definitive multiplat versions for consoles.

Potnoodle9991532d ago

Yh just pluck the number 5 out of thin air as if that's the known benchmark... Jesus. It's the first year! I could pick out 5 great exclusives but there is NO console out right now with 5 must have exclusives. But Funnily enough, by February I may be able to pick 5 must haves :D bloodbourne is gonna absolutely rock!

marlinfan101532d ago (Edited 1531d ago )


sorry but what does it matter if their first or third party exclusives? does it all of the sudden make a game better because its first party?

on your ps4 list ive only really enjoyed 2 games. TLOU and MLB. knack just isn't good, kz is mediocre, infamous was decent, fun, but pretty repetitive, and drive club i still havnt played because of the enormous amount of problems its had. thats not exactly a list id be too proud of, toting it around like its some great list because they're FIRST PARTY. being first party does not make it a game better, sorry.

you can give me all 3rd party games if you want, as long as they're good I'm happy.

lets look at the xbox list now.

dead rising was decent, a lot of fun

sunset overdrive is probably the best next gen game out so far

we all already know halos gonna be great- the best shooter to be out on consoles once it releases.

forza horizon 2 is the best racing game out

forza 5s the second best racing game out

KIs the best fighting game out right now.

sorry but to me, that seems like the MUCH more intriguing list.

St0rm_Cr0w1531d ago

Okay O wise Broda, name me five "must have" xbone games. Oh and by the way, "must have" is a completely relative term.

marlinfan101531d ago


is that to me? i don't think it has 5 must haves, neither console does. IMO halo is a must, thats coming from someone who absolutely loves halo though lol. SSOD also, like i said in my other comment, i think thats the best next gen game out right now. ps4s must have is TLOU right now, such a great game. MLB is a great game if you're into baseball. like i said though, neither really has 5 "must haves" but there are quite a few good games.

decrypt1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

All the huffing and puffing and none of you console gamers can come up with 5 must have games for either console lol this is funny.

At best you can tout HD remakes or indie games lol nothing that advocates a system sell. Now go on do yourself a favor check games on Steam or any of the other PC networks hundreds of must have games on those networks.


Thats cool dude :) play what you enjoy, yet it still doesnt debunk the fact current consoles dont have much to offer. Fans are welcome to spam the disagree until the fat lady sings, but fact is fact.

Edit: No need dude, we are discussing the next gen here. So i guess you admit the PS4/XB1 dont have too many games yet(since you openly admit the need to back track to the last gen) thats all i needed to hear :P

marlinfan101531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )


sorry dude, just not into pc gaming. don't care enough to even try and set one up. consoles have more than enough games to keep me happy. were still very early in the console life so obviously theres not gonna be tons of must haves yet. if you want, i can go back to the ps3/360 era and find more must haves than i care to mention.

marlinfan101531d ago

yeah ive said in basically all my comments on this article that theres not a huge amount of "must haves" so early into the consoles life span but there are MORE than enough games out. theres plenty of games out right now, good games at that. id only consider the best of the best "must haves"

Angeljuice1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )


"As of now PS4 has no games which advocate a PS4 purchase."

That isn't really true...

Most people looking to move to the new gen have three options:

1) Upgrade Their PC
2) Buy a PS4
3) Buy an XBox One

If you rule out PC for any reason (many do)that leaves PS4 and XB1.

Which "exclusive" game line-up is stronger is debatable as it is completely subjective, so each side would take a percentage making this point moot-

[The only practical scientific way to accurately judge the best exclusives is by software sales/ attach rate of each individual title.
The higher the attach rate, the better the exclusive (as it is more of a must-have title).

This can't be done accurately at the moment however as Microsoft doesn't release console specific sales figures.]

This leaves us at the point where now the only games to differentiate the two systems (in terms of games at least), are the multi-platform titles.

Multi-Plats are the deciding factor in the software argument (they make up 80% of most game collections anyway).

Who has the best multi-plats?

PS4 wins the software debate!

..........END OF DISCUSSION..........

MysticStrummer1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

"nothing that advocates a system sell."

I know you've been here long enough to know what an opinion is...

You asked people to name must have games, not name games YOU think are must have.

lol @ PC gaming <--- My opinion, based on years of gaming on both console and PC.

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Magicite1532d ago

First I need to find a reason to sell my PS3, its still kicking and alot, but Im determined to get PS4 on my birthday (22nd Jan) and soon after that (February), hopefully a must-hav exclusives will start rolling out (Order and Bloodborne).

SniperControl1532d ago

I bought a PS4 at UK launch, it sits proudly next to my PS3 on my TV stand.

Point is, you can have best of both worlds.

OB1Biker1532d ago

Keep your PS3. Way to go is PS4 PS3 and Vita with lots of love from PS+

Army_of_Darkness1532d ago

I disagreed with your comment cause OB1 is right, keep your ps3 because it's the best time to have it with ps+ and several great games for cheap now to catch up on. But definitely get a ps4! you'll see a huge graphical difference and improvements across the board in comparison to the ps3, but who cares cause they are still the best 2 systems to get side by side.

Azurite1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

True, waiting for Journey PS4, Rime and perhaps(not announced for PS4 yet) The Last Guardian.

Guess I might as well buy the Glacier White soon since Journey is/was supposed to release this year.

Already own FFXIV(for PS4) and The Last of Us Remastered.

OB1Biker1532d ago

February is going to kill it.. might be a good idea to get your PS4 before to catch up with new gen only games (I recommend Infamous SS) and also enjoy the PS+ games in December January. and yea I still looking forwards to DC PS+ whenever its out

Hellsvacancy1531d ago

Same here yarbie, luckily for me that game is only a few months away (Bloodborne) then the Witcher 3 is out, there's no way i'm missing out on those two games

I'm planning on getting a PS4 at Xmas, that'll give me a month or two play the "very few" previous released PS4 games, Metro and The Last Of Us, oh and BF4, been playing that bs game for over a year now on my PS3, would be nice to play it the proper way, looking nice and smooth

medman1531d ago

@yarbie 1000
Take your time, but take your pick...Bloodborne, The Order:1886, Uncharted 4, No Man's Sky, The Tomorrow Children, Rime, Wild, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, The Witness, Abzu, Until Dawn, Alienation, Hellblade, etc. etc. etc.

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deadpools_n641532d ago

Waiting to see what God war is gonna look like
Same goes for gears of war for Xbox
And true game play footage of Zelda wiiu

360ICE1532d ago

Journalists worried about companies buying content advertising, worry no more. Sites are handing it out for free!

PS4isKing_821532d ago

If you've been a gamer since at least 1995, you only need one reason.

It's a PlayStation. You already know what you're getting into.

Many of today's biggest gaming franchises were either born or made famous by the PlayStation family of consoles. Games like tekken, mgs, final fantasy, silent hill, resident evil, grand turismo, crash bandicoot, devils may cry, jak and daxter, uncharted, god of war, tomb raider and many more.

With a legacy as strong as that, the only question you should be asking yourself is why don't I already own a ps4?

Big_Game_Hunters1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Because most of those games are either bad now, are on better platforms than PS4(PC) or simply aren't on PS4(crash, DMC, Jak) matter of fact Tomb raider is exclusive to Xboxone this holiday lol. The playstation brand was made big by third party exclusives. Now those games are on PC. MGS just wont feel right on anything but PC after i play it at max settings 60fps.

You marketers always give me a good laugh, so ty for that.

MasterCornholio1532d ago

"matter of fact Tomb raider is exclusive to Xboxone this holiday lol."

Shows how much you know about gaming.


Which isn't much.

P.S Rise of the Tomb Raider is coming out in 2015 not 2014.

Omran1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

MGS is 1080P 60 FPS on the PS4 lol

find another reason to troll on PS4 articles
you Pc fanboys always find yourself the best players it's like show off

Hellsvacancy1531d ago

You mention Tomb Raider like it's some kind of threat to the Playstation

Big_Game_Hunters1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

let me kill 3 birds with one comment.

1. Congratz you took my simple mistake and tried to make it seem like a big deal, you sure got me there....

2. Not on max settings lol... and 1080p only?

3.I'm not the one who mentioned tomb raider, but keep trying. i guess its easier for this new generation of kids to just call someone a troll than to actually think.

I love how no one actually tried to debate my point because you know I'm right.

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MasterCornholio1532d ago

"It's a PlayStation. You already know what you're getting into."

Pretty much the same can be said for the other two. But I choose PlayStation because I like how they do things better than Microsoft and Nintendo. I will get a Wii U though once Zelda comes out.

St0rm_Cr0w1531d ago

Yep, all one needs to game like a god this gen is a Ps4 and a Wii U. Maybe a handheld. Screw tablet gaming. Lol.

decrypt1532d ago


I been a gamer way before 95 and thats the most ignorant statement i have read in a while. Its not like gaming started with playstation lol.

Infact 95 was the year i dumped consoles and went PC gaming and never looked back. Hell by 2000 i did buy a PS2, but really with how strong PC gaming was PS2 hardly had my attention for a few weeks, after that it was back to the PC.

Lol when you mention legacy its funny but PS4 cant play any of the games released on prior gens.

I been buying PC games since 1995, I can still play 99% of them on my current PC. What the PS4 is left with is a handful of games that have been released this gen, overall it has no games. The ultimate gaming machine is the PC.

benji1011532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Since 1995.. You must miss those days. I know I do. When Sony was actually good. Too many gamers living in the past The PS1 and the ps2 had amazing games. But since the PS3 games have gone down hill with a few exceptions. Now PS4 is at the bottom with very little first party, and a fraction of the talent that was on the PS2. Capcom has lost most of its best devs. Square enix lost some of its best devs. Sony fires half its devs and SO thePS4 has become the Ubi/EA machine great.....

nX1532d ago

lol seriously?
The Last of Us
God of War 3
Demon's Souls
Little Big Planet
MGs4 (still exclusive)
Ni No Kuni
Heavy Rain

There's tons of good exclusives on ps3 and there are lots of good exclusives announced for ps4, you're trolling.

DualWielding1532d ago

I agree with third party taking nosedive last gen compared to PS1 and PS2 era, but it was on the PS3 era that Sony first party became relevant, they never were during the PSone/2 era but on the PS3 era I'll say Sony first party beat Microsft and,if you disregard handhelds, even NIntendo

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SaveFerris1532d ago

I'm waiting for a bundle or standalone console with a larger HDD. C'mon Sony, what's the hold up?

Ristul1532d ago

You can just install one yourself, you know.

SaveFerris1532d ago

Thanks for that Ristul, but I wanted to avoid the minor hassle of having to buy the console and another HDD. Also, what do you do with the HDD that you've removed from the PS4?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1532d ago

Buy a 1TB HDD and use the 500GB for back up. HDD are known to fail. It won't hurt to have more than one.

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