Warcraft Movie Poster, Cast and Characters are Finally Revealed

Warcraft fans get ready to level up, after months of speculation Blizzard Entertainment has finally revealed at today’s BlizzCon convention, which actors will be portraying the game’s iconic characters on the big screen.

While further plot details were not revealed, Legendry’s Warcraft will have its characters divided between rival armies Alliance and Horde.

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Snookies121532d ago

Thanks for the info, also clicked the link to sign up. Excited about this movie, I hope it turns out well. Horde all the way. :]

Perjoss1531d ago

Most of the people working on it are massive Warcraft fans including the director, add to that 1.5 years of ILM visual effects work (star wars, pacific rim, avengers), and people like Chris Metzen making sure things don't deviate. I think its safe to say it will be awesome.

Magicite1531d ago

Horde? Are You inhuman?

SaveFerris1531d ago

I wonder if after the final battle, the characters return to the 'real world' i.e. the basement of their mother's house? /s

Volkama1531d ago

Says the guy posting troll comments on a gaming website.

Cy1531d ago

No Arthas? Well, any slim interest I might have had in this just died.

TRD4L1fe1531d ago

so you just want to watch a warcraft movie solely for arthas?

there is so much more to warcraft than just him. I know im not going to see Illidan in this warcraft movie but I'm still going to watch this day one with high hopes

Hooby1531d ago

God forbid they start at the beginning.

Perjoss1531d ago

They are starting at the beginning, they can get into the Arthas story later on. For now its all about the Orcs!

WeAreLegion1531d ago

Decent cast, so far. I like that none of them are major names. Still a lot of talent there. I remain hopeful.

Volkama1531d ago

Still plenty of room for Tom Cruise. None of the characters announced so far are gnomes.

Reefskye1531d ago

Cheers for the chuckle :p