The Top 10 Steering Wheels for PC Gamers

GamerBolt: "The following 10 steering wheels are among the best you can use if you are a PC gamer."

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Peekayboo1530d ago

This guy didn't even try, a real list would look like..

1 High end servo wheels
2 Fanatec CSW
3 Thrustmaster T500RS
4 Logitech G27
5 Logitech DFGT

vandal GAB1529d ago

Would so love a G27 looking for a deal and waiting on Project Cars until I purchase one as it is a little £££ but then you get what you pay for =)

TeamVVV1529d ago

Yeah wheels are pretty expensive alright, as long as you have the money/space/permission from wife/girlfriend/mum etc :)