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8BitChimp says, "Having been an avid fan of Dark Souls, not the most experienced player of Darks Souls II, never heard of Demon Souls (until Dark Souls) and never actually beaten a Dark Souls game, I was thoroughly ecstatic for the release of Lords of the Fallen."

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KingIsBackBaby1535d ago

Hmm, that's a bit low for my liking.
I would have given it a solid 7.5-8.

lonelyplayer1535d ago

Avid fan who has never beaten the game... Ok

camel_toad1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Yep this douche makes me sick. Someone needs to take away his keyboard so he cant spew any more drivel. He rates a game 5/10 based on another game he's an "avid" fan of that he never even beat.

Muadiib1534d ago

Yeah I have zero respect for someone that started Dark Souls and didn't beat it, imo it was easily the best game of last generation. I can tell this game falls far short of the game it apes though, is it 5/10? No idea. Will I wait for it to be in a Steam sale? You betcha!

BrianG1535d ago

There are definitely some aspects of the game that are cringe worthy, can't deny that. However after beating it, the whole package was pretty decent.

I think the issue with this review is trying to compare it to Dark Souls so much. It is a separate game, separate IP, treat it as such. I'm not sure any other reviewer mentioned Dark Souls so many times, over 20 times here.

Not to mention the review is poorly written. At some sections I was left questioning what you were thinking, or even if you played the game.

Ozmoses1535d ago

While I haven't played that much, I like it.

I've beat the first 2 bosses, but that's it so far.

It's my first time ever with a game of this style. I never played Demon or Dark Souls

I'll play a lot more when school is over in a few weeks.

nix1535d ago

Try God of War series. they are epic. Try Heavenly Sword too. short and sweet game.

then... maybe after a year of practice play Demon/Dark Souls. actually make that two years.

Ozmoses1534d ago

what are you talking about kid?? God of War and Heavenly Sword..

I never mentioned them and they have nothing to do with Dark Souls or Lords of The Fallen...

GoW falls more under the hack and slash category rather than the timed/strategy attacking.

also Heavenly Sword and especially GoW are story driven games that rely heavily on the supporting lore and mythology

so yeah I have no idea why you are bringing them up.

think before you speak.

CaptainObvious8781534d ago

It's a solid 7.5 for me. The boss fights are mostly similar to each other and some of the dialogue is cringe worthy, but the combat is very solid.

It's a fun game, especially now that I can 2 shot most enemies.

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