Official amiibo photos for the updated figure designs

Nintendo released official photos of the launch amiibo and second wave amiibo figures.

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R00bot1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

So can we say that some of the differences people were pointing out on those old pictures were due to bad lighting or do people still think they look terrible?
Also, is that another Mario Amiibo? I wonder what it's uses will be?

EliteGameKnight1537d ago

Those look superb, especially for their price! Just look at that Captain Falcon!

marloc_x1536d ago

Well said..not like I'm gonna scrutinize the existing Skylanders in my house and chuck several into the rubbish bin, Ha!

Two Corona in the pub cost me more than an Amiibo..

wonderfulmonkeyman1536d ago

Still getting that Link Amiibo first and foremost.
Spinner weapon in Hyrule Warriors, a trainable NPC in Smash, and many more things to come...

theizzzeee1536d ago

I think the Captain Falcon one looks awesome!