Miyamoto says Nintendo focused a bit too much on Wii U’s two screens, not enough on NFC

NE: "When the Wii U launched, there was a consistent focus on the console’s two screens. Gamers wondered about the new experiences that would be possible and potential asymmetric gameplay."

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R00bot1535d ago

Well it seems like Miyamoto is getting his way with all the amiibo uses we saw in that last direct.
A good time to own a Wii U :)

fr0sty1535d ago

I say they're too focused on gimmicks, not focused enough on games.

R00bot1535d ago

Graphics are a gimmick, Nintendo is the only company that has really focused on the games in recent times.

MasterCornholio1535d ago


Graphics are not gimmicks. Having more powerful hardware allows you to have larger more complex games. Plus if done right they actually increase immersion in the actual game.

As for Nintendo focusing on games, Sony was focused on gaming for the PS4 from the very beginning. Nintendo is focused on giving their fans Nintendo games but that doesn't mean the others are not giving their fans games as well.

Remember Nintendo are not the only ones who make good games. Third parties make good games as well plus other first parties not owned by Nintendo do as well.

deafdani1535d ago

Yet they have the most and best rated exclusive games of this new gen.

Seriously, to say that Nintendo doesn't focus on games is one of the most absurd things you can say, gaming-wise.

R00bot1535d ago

Of course, larger and more complex games are great. That's not graphics, though. Most games from last gen used the power they had for prettier graphics and not more complex games. A good example is TLOU, a terrific game. They could have used the extra power for a larger game world or anything else but they made it look pretty (might I say, it looks incredible).
And while graphics can improve immersion, art-style will always be above graphics in terms of emersion for me.

As for the PS4 focusing on gaming, that's true. They've focused on third-party games however, and only have one good first party game (that isn't a remake).

Nintendo consistently make high quality games, most other developers have much worse track records (they do make good games, just with a lot more bad ones in there).

Also if you want to get technical, a gimmick is something that attracts attention, so even good gameplay could be considered a gimmick.

jholden32491535d ago

Everything is a gimmick to you people. If you had your way we would still be playing with square controllers and two buttons

randomass1711535d ago

The word gimmick gets thrown around way too much these days. Its meaning is rather lost in translation. :/

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1535d ago

R00bot, just like some automobile manufacturers keep focusing on that engine thing, keep upping the fuel efficiency and stuff.

Games is the media, graphics, gameplay and story is what makes a game. So, yeah, graphics is no gimmick. NFC/Amiibo, second screen are indeed gimmicks and I don't care for them.

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herbs1535d ago

All I ever wanted from the Gamepad was for hudless gaming on the big screen and all the info in my hands. I find hudless gaming more immersive in the same way better graphics are more immersive but it seems most people are just annoyed having to look away from the main screen unfortunately. Many games do offer this as an option but Its usually sort of half assed and I wish more games would implement it especially Hyrule Warriors. It is definitely an advantage to have all your info in one place in Hyrule Warriors but I find the gameplay so repetitive and all the icons, maps, banter very distracting and having all of it on the Gamepad would sort of force the player to multitask which I think would add a extra layer of depth to the game. Hopefully it will be an option in a future update but I doubt it people generally don't like multitasking if they do not have to.

pcz1535d ago

the entire controller is a waste of time. it distracts them from making good games. instead they try to find ways to incorporate silly pointless features into the games and the games suffer as a result.

i mean, look at nintendoland. what complete garbagel. its only justification for existing is nintendo had to make use of the controller. waste of time and energy that nintendo are paying for with poor sales.

R00bot1535d ago

NintendoLand is a good game, much better than Wii Sports. People just like to hate on it for using the controller well.

Also, if you could stop making new accounts that'd be great. I like you much more when you have one bubble.

marloc_x1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I had my Sony Pony friend giggling like a little girl playing five player Mario Chase.

..must be an isolated event?

His Wii U purchase may or may not have been connected to the fun he had..

randomass1711535d ago

Was I that Sony Pony?! o.o Seriously though when you have a full party Nintendo Land can be quite fun! :)

Pyro2000x1535d ago

Is the Wii U getting GTA 5, Assassin's Creed Unity or Call Of Duty: Advance Warfare?

polloloco1535d ago

Nintendo fanboys want every game but when they get them they dont buy them.

marloc_x1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

No silly, my PC is..

thezeldadoth1534d ago

I have a high end gaming PC and an xbox one, still not buying any of those games.

Enjoying bayonetta 2 and sunset overdrive though.

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Metallox1535d ago

Of course, the two screens can't produce cash and NFC actually can. Not saying this is bad, but Nintendo should look for other ways to get more money on Wii U.

deadpools_n641535d ago

I'm still on the band wagon that the game pad was a bad idea. I use my pro controller more than the game pad on most the games I got. I'm not saying the game pad is terrible I just don't think the functionality of it was full exploited in the proper ways that could have had it mean more. Great product just poss poor execution.but I am impressed and happy they're trying to turn it around.

-Foxtrot1535d ago

Hopefully the next console will have an updated Gamecube styled controller...that thing was amazing. Give it an updated look and I'd buy the console in a heart beat.

GordonKnight1535d ago


The Wii U will have updated Gamecube controllers. I hope you called Nintendo to give them your feedback on how you want to play the Wii U without the gamepad turning on. Since Despise the gamepad so much.

The power of three consoles!!!

yarbie10001535d ago

that game pad is what is preventing me from getting a Wii U. Tried one and it was so awkward feeling in my hands. Hope Nintendo puts a normal controller on their next system. Doubt they are gonna sell Wii U currently without one - but here's to wishful thinking

Ark_1535d ago

Dude, gamepad is awesome, basically. It's the main reason I got the WiiU, for it allows gaming experiences you can't get on any other machine.

The only critisisms I have is that they do not utilize it enough. ... and indeed it's not the most ergonomic design. But that goes for other controllers as well and one gets used to it.

Kevlar0091535d ago

Personally the gamepad has added much more time to my WiiU usage. Many hours spent playing Shovel Knight, Mario Kart, and Deus Ex while the TV's been in use by my famiy. Actually I prefer to play many of my games just on the gamepad. I like having the TV on and games like Pikmin 3 and Deus Ex are easier to follow and even play better on a screen with touch controls. Incidentally the gamepad has a higher resolution than our TV (it's only 480p) so I can see more of the details.

I'm still waiting for more uses our of it in games, which I confess is a reason to not have it in the first place. But because of it the WiiU really feels revolutionary in its own right, it's a whole new experience for me.

I hope they support it on their new console and I wouldn't mind seeing it used again but better designed. Just having the option to use it would be nice, which I'm sure they will.

lashes2ashes1535d ago

The game pad is also 480p. It looks a little better because of size and other factors but it's the same as a non hd tv.

herbs1535d ago

Lashes the Gamepad resolution is actually higher than standard 480p which is 640x480. The Gamepad resolution is infact 860x480 and it does an optimal job of downsampling or supersampling the HD render eliminating all aliasing or jaggies in the process. Often games look better on the Gamepad than they do on a higher resolution screen and this is a great example of Nintendo doing more with less using there lateral thinking approach to hardware and game design.

opoikl1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

If done right it can definitely be an added value, like in ZombiU where it actually increases the threat when you're looking through your backpack, just like the in-game character is crouching down and less aware of his/her surroundings.

But that's the only game out of the 6 titles I own (MK8, Super Mario 3d World, Donkey Kong, Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD) that screams for the use of the gamepad.

Pro Controller all the way (especially since I finished 4 out of said 6 games without having to charge the controller) !!

jholden32491535d ago

Pikmin 3 and Zelda WW are some of the finest examples of the gamepad being used!

Even Mario Kart 8 is nifty how you can swap between the track map (which clears your HUD as well) and off TV play in real time.

I don't know if people expected a revolution from a 6 inch screen, but it's just a 6 inch screen. It displays things. Having said that it comes in very handy with the streamlined gameplay and what not.

It's not revolutionary it's evolutionary, yes, but sometimes that's the best way to have it. After playing on 3DS for years, you'll find that some games make use of the second screen and some games do not. It all depends on the game and the type of game.

But it certainly not a bad thing. For the record though I own over 40 games on Wii U, and only about five of them don't really use it for much. You own three of those five in your list, so it's a little unbalanced.

Dunban671535d ago

I agree w you dead pools.... It's as if Nintendo thought they could pit the game pad out there and other devs would figure out the best use for it and they could name it Wii and millions would buy it- then they could sit back and count thier money

Hopefully they will just keep making games for it

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-Foxtrot1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Why do we have to move from one gimmick to the next....why can't they just focus on building up a console which has a bit more attention on the hardware so, like Reggie was saying, they can have third party support the PS4/Xbox One is getting

They make good games regardless but they could have first party games AND third party. If someone had the choice out of the Wii U and the PS4/Xbox One, yet the deciding factor was either dual screens/NFC or third party games like ME4, Call of Duty, GTA, Witcher, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, Fallout etc I think they would rather pick third party.

Lets be honest you would because as a gamer you'd want more games to play...not a silly toy.

deadpools_n641535d ago

I would want another n46. Not a direct copy but more of an analogy. All the Lil "firsts" they did with the n4 was historical. Was it the best of that generation, that's debatable, but it was pioneering (rumble pack, thumbstick) as well as staying stubborn to old ways (cartridges). I'm not saying they're bad for trying new things. I'm not praising them for trying new things either. I think they just lost their stride that made them different but also accepted in the gaming community that they built. They haven't evolved well with he times. More down than ups. But man when there is an up beat moment it's amazing and makes us believe there might be hope again that the old guard can still teach us something the others couldn't. Just saying

Vegamyster1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Nintendo isn't going to get better 3rd party support by just throwing out better hardware, it should be the obvious the Wii-U can handle games like CoD, GTA, Dragon Age ect if the 360/PS3 can. They need to mend their relationships with developers instead of just assuming they'll just support their system, it worked for the NES/SNES era since they had monopoly but when Sony joined with the PS1 and MS with the Xbox almost all support left them because the other two companies were willing to work and build partnerships with the 3rd parties.

-Foxtrot1535d ago

You talk about the PS3 and the 360 but we are in a new gen. Games like GTA and Dragon Age like you mentioned aren't being made for last gen systems. If Nintendo want them, even if they are lesser, downgraded versions then they have to stop the gimmcks and focus a little more on hardware

Vegamyster1535d ago

We don't know what GTA6 will be out on and Dragon Age: Inquisition is on the 360/PS3.

Geekman1535d ago

I have to hesitantly agree. I enjoy these "gimmicks," but history suggests that they shouldn't be a priority. On the other hand, NFCs are huge moneymakers, so what Miyamoto is saying here is that if they're going to prioritize gimmicks, they should prioritize the gimmicks that make money. If they focused less on the second screens. Not only would Amiibo be out faster, but it would probably bring Wii U game development along a lot faster.

jholden32491535d ago

Don't believe the lie.

Power is not the reason it doesn't have third-party games. It's right on par with PS3, and it's not getting those games. Why? Because power was never the issue. The games don't sell to the audience, that's the reason.

You could soup that baby up with a flux capacitor next gen, and all it's going to do is increase the cost of the console and add needless power to a system that doesn't need it for the games that are made for it. Then they're really going to have a hard time selling it.

And tendo didn't start making games yesterday, and third-party support didn't just walk up and leave. It's been gone for decades. And they've had plenty of powerful consoles during that time that did absolutely nothing to bring third-party games.

Even Wii U has had well over two dozen major AAA multiplats, and not a single blasted one of them has sold over a quarter million in sales. THAT'S why you why it will never happen.

And no, nobody would pick NFC and dual screens over those games, I would pick THE EXCLUSIVE GAMES THAT USE NFC AND DUAL SCREENS over those games. Or any exclusives on Nintendo platforms for that matter. I'll take DKC Tropical Freeze, Bayonetta 2, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (and MH4U), Smash, Captain Toad, Mario Kart 8, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101 and 3D World over those games any day of the week.

Actually I play them all, because I deem all consoles worth owning and do own all consoles, but if I had to play on just one and only one, it would be Nintendo every time. Because not only are their games better, they allow you to play them in more than one way. They give you NFC options, second screen options, motion control options, etc. and I like options

-Foxtrot1535d ago

Those games you've listed are exclusivee....unlike the games I mentioned which are third party

Gamers would rather choose first party AND third party then just the consoles exclusives and it's gimmicks

shaw981535d ago

Nintendo makes unique experiences. You sound like you want Nintendo to become a glorified pc. "Gimmicks" allow for new games and ideas. They allow for new games to be made. Just look at the darn d-pad Nintendo made, the analog, the rumble, inferred wireless play, touch screen (nintendo made it popular before phones started to even use it), multi screen with ds and gamepad, motion controls, shoulder buttons, game to hand held interaction, etc.

Nintendo's games are built around these things you call "gimmicks". These "gimmicks" allow for new games that are not possible if played with a simple controller. If Nintendo did not try to make these "gimmicks", if they did not try to find new ways to play games for the fun of the gamer. Where would we be now? Probably with an Atari like joystick with literally 50 buttons at the bottom that don't work while playing E.T. Even if they stopped trying to find new ways to play right now, we would be surrounded by the same brown and grey shooters.

-Foxtrot1535d ago

How does

"which has a bit more attention on the hardware"

Translate to

"I want them to make a console based on graphics as good as the PC"

I mean really...come on man. Getting a tad defensive there.

shaw981535d ago


You skipped the rest of your quote.

"Why do we have to move from one gimmick to the next....why can't they just focus on building up a console which has a bit more attention on the hardware"

Aka, meaning, you want a Nintendo console to be just like the others. To have a simple controller and a box to play your game on. Meaning you don't want them to do what they have always done. You don't want them to use nfc. You don't want them to not try to make an idea through their hardware. When you mean "more attention on their hardware" do you mean in terms of power? Because what I got was you saying they need to work on their hardware more in terms of getting rid of these gimmicks you don't like. Why so? Simply because you asked "why do they have to move from one gimmick to the next?"

Meaning in combination of:

"Why do we have to move from one gimmick to the next...."


"why can't they just focus on building up a console which has a bit more attention on the hardware"

Quote 1 shows your disgust towards their "gimmicks".

Quote 2 shows how you want them to focus more on their hardware. Since you did not give specifically what in terms of their hardware needs attention, when you say it does with no specifics following the term of you not wanting "gimmicks" shows that you intend they stop gimmicks all together and follow what everyone else is doing. Followed by me showing why Nintendo as it's own thing is important. If this is not the case you should have given a specific example so the reader can understand.

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thaimasker1535d ago

There were alot of things they should focus on instead of NFC and if they don't realize that then they are gonna be in for a hurting next gen/console too.

Kevlar0091535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Toys and collectibles have the biggest chance to becoming hot items. Every year there's a few items every kid wants, as kids begin play game consoles and handhelds (usually Nintendo ones) those toys and collectibles become more desirable. You get Pokemon X or Y then go out and buy the Pikachu toy that gives you a special item and game skin when you use your newly acquired Pikachu.

And Nintendo's not just targeting kids either. Many game news sites have employees who say they are getting one or two amiibos. If Nintendo can create a enough of a base they can reap some serious rewards

It's not just about releasing figurines and toys, but a greater plan to integrate and expand their business. Disney didn't become the largest entertainment company just by releasing cartoons. It was merchandise, amusement parks, moving into 3D/live action movies, and TV shows. If Nintendo can infiltrate multiple industries and establish a lasting impression, as they've done in the gaming world, they can have a brighter future.

Nintendo's referred to as just a game company but I think they want to be bigger than that. At least Iwata wants them to be.

-Foxtrot1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Why should people who invest in the toys get exclusive skins and stuff...stuff like that should be unlockable in the game

DLC is a no no but you'd be happy if Nintendo do it in a more expensive form?

No one should have to buy toys to get the most out of a game

thaimasker1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Yeah Iwata also wanted the Wii U to be a huge success. Establishing a lasting impression in other avenues isn't an easy or cheap thing to do and if it fails then Iwata will say they focused too much on toys and not video games. Although I'd imagine that he would be fired by then. You also have the vauge quality of life thing, he seems to want to do alot.

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