Here’s how to improve The Crew’s handling

Got a problem with cars' handing in The Crew? Here's a fix.

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jwk941532d ago

It's like a completely different game.

Akuma2K1532d ago

Cool info, gonna try it today.

TeamVVV1532d ago

It's really worth investing time to perfect the settings to how you like them, don't write this game off because the default setting may not be to your liking! :P

uth111531d ago

seems like a lot of people are writing it off, unfortunately

brich2331531d ago

These settings will probably only work if you are using the same car he is, it didnt work for me.

CoTton_MoUtH1531d ago

I downloaded the beta and erased it within 30 mins this game is trash

bauer0071531d ago

its so bad! Are ubisoft committed to making the reputation worse? :L

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