New Halo Website Lets You Explore MCC Universe, Shows Xbox vs Xbox One Comparisons & Gameplay Videos

Microsoft just launched a new website named Halo Starscope, coming with a rather interesting feature, comparisons and videos for neophytes of the Halo series.

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deadpools_n641532d ago

Not a halo fan boy but this isn't all that bad for a great marketing approach. It's a good way to make it seem justifiable in the purchase

Fireseed1532d ago

4 of the greatest shooters ever made in one package... they really didn't need help justifying the purchase.

deadpools_n641532d ago

That's true for some. But myself I haven't bought a next Gen console yet and probably won't for a Lil while longer. I'm just glad the holiday marketing is getting better this year in terms of what we as gamers get thrown at us in advertising. I think doing some hung like this is just as awesome as nintendo with their SSB character approach. It shows people on all sides are really trying to stand out and be noticed regardless if it's an established IP or a new IP like bayonetta 2 and the last of us. I'm just admiring he effort

Yetter1532d ago

There has never been so much value in one package. No justification needed

objdadon1532d ago

Never really got into halo but a few of my friends are getting this and convinced me to get it. I got all games for all systems but so far nothing has been able to keep me off of destiny. Maybe that will change.

GearSkiN1531d ago

For the same price u paid for Destiny this game will actually give you a story.