Destiny is the best selling IP on the next gen so far.

A quick look at vgchartz will show destiny is the top
selling game on the PS4 at 3.5 million sales and the third best selling game on the Xbox one with 1.9 million sale.

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kingvendrick1531d ago

Ironic after all the hate, still really popular on PS4. Looks like Bungie did the right thing leaving M$ and Halo.

Still having a blast on it, can't wait for the DLC.

The_KELRaTH1530d ago

It is oddly addictive, especially with friends.

Just a shame the DLC pricing for Europe and UK is so expensive that it will likely kill a lot of potential sales.

KingIsBackBaby1530d ago

True. Bungie was wise to back ps4 and Sony was wise to back Destiny.
After all that doom and gloom talks, tons of people are still playing the game.
Love from playstation gamers bungie.

Harold_Finch1530d ago

Activision made it mulitplatform, Bungie just said yes to the dump truck full of money.

marlinfan101530d ago

idk if id consider it the right move. with the amount of hype destiny had, there was little doubt about it selling well. they left what is probably the most iconic shooter in console history to take on destiny which IMO is nothing more than a mediocre shooter with TONS of hype. the game was fun at first but after about a month quickly fell off for me, now i havnt turned it on in a few weeks. don't get me wrong, theres a lot of potential with destiny, but i think its too early to say its the right move, especially considering the halo franchise has sold more than 60 million copies over its years and is still going very strong.

mediate-this1530d ago

Pve is super boring for me now. Even the raid is annoying to me, with the wrong the raid can be very long and very boring.

Pvp on the other is amazing, it just needs more modes and more maps. Those my only gripes with pvp.

Crucible is so fun

marlinfan101530d ago

yeah i agree, i couldn't even bring myself to play pve the last week i was playing destiny. pvp on the other hand is very well put together, like you said though it needs new modes, maps, and IMO even more importantly, some sort of ranking system. i had no motivation to play without any type of ranking system. thats what killed it for me.

mochachino1530d ago

I actually like the core gameplay of the PVP better than Halo, a lot better actually. It is lacking in many other ways (modes, matchmaking speed, etc.) but the gameplay is really fun.

Illusive_Man1530d ago

Sure and the most talented individuals and leaders at Bungie stayed and formed 343i. You can clearly see the difference in overall quality between Halo and Destiny. Destiny is a decent game but it has several critical flaws. So let's not pretend this current Bungie represents the same collection of individuals who created the brilliant Halo games. They just don't.

A lot of users on Xbox are already preparing to drop it like a rock l, if they haven't already, with our slew of great exclusives. I can see why it is still so popular on PS4 when there is little else to play.

Halo2ODST21530d ago

Stop spread bs, 3 employees went to 343 liar

MysticStrummer1530d ago

The truth tries to find you, but you're so illusive...

pompombrum1530d ago

Destiny's gameplay/gunplay/combat is damn near perfect, it's everything else that's the problem. Bungie clearly still has many talented people.

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Metallox1531d ago

I thought it was Mario.

New Super Mario Bros. U, Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World in combination surpass those 7 million oficially reported in. I mean, as an "IP".

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1530d ago

The article is discussing NEW IP's. Super Mario Bros. is 30 years old.

kurruptor1530d ago

Article only says IP, not new IP.

Metallox1530d ago

No, it doesn't. It's only talking about "IPs".

Watari3211531d ago

Cool but I sold my PS4 and Destiny. For the superior experience only on the Xbox One all in one entertainment system made by the brilliant minds at Microsoft.

KingIsBackBaby1530d ago

ROFL! Really needed the laugh. Appreciate it mate.

The_KELRaTH1530d ago

Yeah I liked that one too :)

T2X1530d ago

LOL! OK, who is this the CEO of Microsoft? LOL!!

MysticStrummer1530d ago

It's always good to start my day with a laugh.

+bubble for helpful

gamer11381530d ago

Very good for Bungie but they will have their work cut out for them with the sequel. So much was lacking in Destiny like the story, characters and mission structure. The gameplay and loot system was very addictive so they have a solid foundation. All depends on whether gamers want to delve into that experience again. Less said about the selling of content after release the better...where is Saturn!?

Halo2ODST21530d ago

Yeah, Destiny needs a lot of work , with it being boring as hell now, back to Reach tnen

Harold_Finch1530d ago

For shame gaming community, for shame.

OUROSMAG1530d ago

How dare one group of people have fun with a game, because a small group of people hate it...

MysticStrummer1530d ago

Yes anyone who enjoys a game you don't should be ashamed.


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