Get 50% off Alien Isolation and more in this week’s GAME sale

There are many deals to be had in GAME's latest sale, including 50% off Alien Isolation on all formats. Many titles are up to 50% off, live in store and online.

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oODEADPOOLOo1534d ago

ahhhhhhhhh lame british side dicount had my hopes up want to pick up aliens so bad! lol

Hipp01534d ago

I think they deliver abroad

oODEADPOOLOo1534d ago

I think I'll wait a bit longer Im sure there's a $30 U.S sale soon, seen the price drop every week on amazon.

sourav931533d ago

This site is filled with discounts from the US all the time. So one time a UK retailer discount gets posted and it's lame? I didn't know this was N4USG :P

PaleMoonDeath1533d ago

Oh you Motherfu~

I just paid £50 for this a few days ago!!!

RosweeSon1533d ago

I've done that many a times over the previous years after the last year or 2 tho I've realised all the not quite top notch games are normally in a GAME sale for £19.99/24,99 within a week or 3, proper annoying.

PaleMoonDeath1533d ago

Literally walked into Game yesterday, and the woman said "we've got new deals on, £25 for the new Alien game for Xbox and PS4" honestly man, could of nutted someone!


Fixay1533d ago

Not to rub salt in the wound lol but Alien was also only £20 if you picked up Advanced Warfare from them.

Was a pretty good deal from GAME considering how overpriced they usually are

Rampaged Death1533d ago

Why do people still shop at GAME? I picked it up with the DLC on PS4 day one for £35.