Driveclub Review (Invision Game Community)

Cast your mind back to the PlayStation 4 launch of November last year, and you might begin to remember about a high-profile release unfortunately missing out on a slice of the action. Fast-forward to 11 months later after a hefty delay, and Evolution Studios first game since 2011’s Motorsport Apocalypse has finally arrived on Sony’s latest console.

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S2Killinit1537d ago

I'm hoping to jump in but the backlash against it has made me a bit reluctant. But that rain effect though.... yummy.

swize1537d ago

i get the feeling that most of the backlash is from people that never touched that game tbh .

ps4fanboy1536d ago

Or casual, so called gaming journalists who failed on first corner, of first race, and written it off...

Spotie1536d ago

The backlash is because certain people needed to see it as a chink in the PS4's armor.

The game is more than solid. And while it doesn't have the content of a Forza or Gran Turismo, it doesn't need it, either. There's no performance customization because you're meant to compete with skill, and tuning would take away from that. The cars handle fine, having a pretty cool mix of sim and arcade; I definitely like it better than the handling of the latest Need for Speed.

To be sure, the social features took a beating from the online issues, but they work a lot better now, and are fun.

Some folks just needed to attack something, and that something happened to be Drive Club this time.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1537d ago

Gonna get it soon. Been watching it on live from playstation. Most people seem to be having fun with it. Was gonna wait on the plus version but I've seen and heard enough to know it's a game I'd enjoy.