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xboxaddict: "The sheer amount of multiplayer maps that are are included within is simply staggering, but factor in the point that I’ll be playing unique Forge creations on top of the ranked multiplayer, I can see myself playing the MCC for quite some time. Halo fan are going to want this as these are simply the BEST versions of each of the Halo games, and for new comers to the series, this collection is the best way to get caught up. I feel completely comfortable recommending purchasing an Xbox One even if this is the only game you’ll be playing and I actually truly recommend doing so if you don’t have an Xbox One yet, as Halo: Master Chief Collection is the best way to experience one of the biggest and most important series in gaming ever. The Master Chief Collection is now the benchmark of what HD and remake versions should be compared to going forward, as this is the perfect example of how you update a game, but keep the core fan base not only happy, but thankful for the work they’ve done."

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