Xbox One November System Update: New Personalization and TV Features

Major Nelson:

Our system updates have been an important part of the Xbox One experience in 2014. We have released over a hundreds new features to Xbox One and Xbox One SmartGlass through 10 consecutive system updates within the first year, including a low battery indicator, the ability to initiate game downloads from a remote location, turn off notifications during video playback, external storage, and many more.

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ziratul1532d ago

I love my PS4, but Microsoft xbox one system software looks and operates waaay better than PS4, on the other hand PS4 hardware (quality and power) is waay better than xbox one.

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Paytaa1532d ago

Sony isn't top dog in hardware like they were 10+ years ago.

Genuine-User1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

How predictable. I knew the first or second comment will bash the PS4.
I have both and I must say that PS4 is better in both software usability and hardware capability.

Unfortunately for some, disagreeing with me won't change the truth.

darx1532d ago

Definatly not! XB UI is sooo much better than what the PS4 has to offer.

Fixay1532d ago

Owning both I have to disagree about the software usability on the PS4, it's still very good but at least for me not as good as the X1.

poor_cus_of_games1532d ago

I also have both but fully agree with genuine user. The ps4 is also a hell of a lot faster. You can't beat that background processor.

Genuine-User1532d ago

@ Fixay

In regards to software usability, what is it that you find better on Xbox one?


Nothing wrong with the ps4, its solid, but its just flat out boring right now when comparing it to the xb1. The xb1 feels more "next gen" the ps4 to me just seems like a more powerful ps3.

marlinfan101532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

"Unfortunately for some, disagreeing with me won't change the truth."

i love when you guys add in little comments like this to try and strengthen your point. sorry man, but you're OPINION is in no way the TRUTH. the hardware is slightly better, no doubt. but the software side isn't even a competition IMO, xbox trumps it in nearly every way. then again, I'm not gonna try and pass my OPINION off as fact like some people.

u4one1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Sorry bro. I have both consoles and the system software on the x1 is way better and faster. Better fast app switching, better resume (literally zero wait to go from game to app to tv back to game and the game is literally just running already exactly as it was before it gets swapped), running two apps at the same time on screen,, more functionality (hey external drive support for executables and dlna, mkv support), better voice command integration, real-time info updates on the live tiles at a glance, more upfront information on friends including a real-time running achievement comparison, you can see an app or game actually running while in the dash. I love my ps4 and was up all night playing cod aw on it, but the Xbox system software is just better at this point. Maybe if you tried actually using one instead of just assuming you would see that. Qualifying all your disagrees by calling them out doesn't change the real truth. Ps4 got a better gpu, Xbox got better software.

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ThePope1532d ago

First of all the PS4 is not WAY more powerful. Slightly yes. But all this nonsense people spew about 50% more powerful is just insane. Nothing, not one multi plat looks or preforms 50% better. Not one! And before you say you'll see it later. If it's 50% more powerful NOW, it will show now. Plenty of games run differently between the two consoles, not one is 50% better.

And to those above bringing up sonys prowess with building hardware, you must not but surround sound equipment. Because they couldn't pay me to buy their crap. On top of that if they weren't so good a majority of their revenue wouldn't come from insurance!

Xb1ps41532d ago

What game have you played on the ps4 that makes it "way better" in power and quality?

On topic
I love smart glass and now that I can browse gold games on it will be even better... I would love to browse all the games on it next.

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urwifeminder1532d ago

Still have not used the record feature pic looks good though.

Fixay1532d ago

Double tap the home button and then press the 'x' button on the controller.

Great feature and really fast and easy to use

urwifeminder1532d ago

Why would I want to record anything I certainly don't watch my friends videos but thanks anyway.

NotAFanboyJustReal1532d ago

Uh.....when are they going to add voice messages? Or are they just hoping we forgot about them?

Fixay1532d ago

voice mesages and picture messages!

WHY give us the Kinect with an amazing quality camera compared to the 360's vision camera lol and then not let us send picture messages like we were able to do with that crappy vision camera :S ?

marlinfan101532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

yeah its kind of strange theres still no voice messaging. the messaging apps a little better now that it can be snapped and sort of mimics text messaging apps, but id still like to have the convenience of voice messaging.

ive gone to purely sending my messages through smart glass as of late. makes it much easier

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breakdancefight1532d ago

Microsoft and Sony design their hardware on a base level, but neither produce their own hardware. The PS3 was the last system that used custom hardware and look at what it cost them last gen. They dethroned Nintendo/Sega in a market they saved and pulled a Nintendo thinking they were untouchable and lost to an unproven hardware developer. I own both system and love them both, but where as Microsoft stumbled out of the gate they are making huge strides to rectify it. Sony on the other hand is taking their lead and resting on their laurels.

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