Killzone 3 Director Explains How PS Vita Is Almost as Powerful as a PS3, the Challenges of Mercenary

During the Killzone 10th anniversary livestream hosted by Sony, Killzone 2 and 3 Director Mathijs de Jonge explained that developing Killzone: Mercenary on PlayStation Vita was quite a challenge.

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Fullmetalevolust1537d ago

Lol, I was just gonna post that.
It's wonderful to hear that the Vita is a roaring beast in terms of sheer power. Wish we could see more AAA games in the vein of Mercenary being released for the Vita.

radler1537d ago

Shame this guy wasn't directing Killzone Shadowfall. His absence is probably why that game was so terrible compared to KZ2 & KZ3.

breakpad1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

@ radler i thing KZ;SF is the best entry in the series yet even resembles a little bit the very first Halo CE least the put some color in it and the gun action if 1000 times better than previous titles for games for Vita ..i m just waiting the big bang of a Monster Hunter game

da_2pacalypse1536d ago

I thought shadowfall was fine... haters gonna hate...

Sly-Lupin1537d ago

All that extra power is a double-edged sword. It's the same problem console developers began to face with the PS3/360 generation. They feel that they're obligated to USE all of that power, which means focusing on fancier visual effects--which results in inflated development costs.

And inflated development costs mean it takes more time to develop fewer games, which means fewer risks can be taken. This is why so many Western developers went under at the beginning of the last console generation (or sold themselves to big conglomerate publishers like EA, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Activision, etc.); and why so many Japanese developers decided to start developing mobile games instead.

The biggest problem the modern tech level has is the disparity in game quality. We have cheap Indy games and expensive AAA games, but very few games in the middle. The "Double A" games, and Brian Fargo calls them.

ABizzel11537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

This is also often how gamers get confused. The Vita is not "almost as powerful as the PS3".

The Vita does have more RAM than the PS3, but other than that the Vita has no real hardware advantage when it comes to gaming.

The CPU is by far worse than the Cell which is comparable to the XBO and PS4's CPU (and goes to show just how far ahead of it's time it was). You're comparing a Quad Core mobile CPU, to a CPU comparable to low-end Quad Core desktops of today, and to put that in comparison a low-end Dual Core desktop CPU is still more powerful than a Quad Core mobile CPU (the general CPUs in smart-phones / tablets).

Low-end Quad Core CPU
Low-end Dual Core Desktop CPU
Current Quad Core Mobile CPU

The GPU is also significantly less powerful, but the saving grace is that games are ran at a much lower resolution 944x540 (500k pixels), while PS3 games are generally 1280x720 (900k pixels, almost twice the resolution). On top of that all assets are reduced in quality when transferred over to the Vita including lower poly models, lower textures models, less particle effects, weaker shadows, less lighting effects, etc...

The thing is the Vita has that small screen, so many of these issue aren't as noticeable as they would be on a +30" HDTV. The Vita is powerful enough to handle downgraded PS3 games, and upgraded PS2 games, making it more of a PS 2.5 (actually PS 2.4), than comparable to the PS3.

But all in all, it's still a good achievement for a handheld. I don't think we'll see another dedicated handheld from Sony, but if we do it'll likely be a PS Tablet, and that device will be more powerful than the PS3 hands down, considering the technology available today for mobile is pretty much there.

Svinya1536d ago

Sorry, but it's not true. Vita displays half the pixels of 720P, usually at 30fps and with low poly models and environments. Most smartphones these days are way more powerful, and so is the PS3. Anyone that truly believes the Vita is a "beast" is naive and/or ignorant.

joeorc1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Boy did you get that waaay wrong!, other cellphones do not have 128MB of dedicated GPU Ram! No other smartphone or tablet has that they have the system resources but, has to share. Not to mention the PSVita GPU is the SGX543MP4+ GPU the fact you are even claiming what you did is quite ironic.

PS4theplayers1537d ago

Waiting Killzone 3 and inFAMOUS 2 on PlayStation Now.

Majin-vegeta1537d ago

I'm hoping GC take over the KZ series now.Mercenary was bad arse.

magnumram80081537d ago

I love kz shadowfall mp. Since the dlc, humor has been added and exactly what kz needs. E pulse and emmitter are freaking awesome and the insurgent class rocks hard. Most use mics and call out kills. Its classic gaming.

lifeordeath6171537d ago

As far as RAM, i believe the Vita is stronger than the PS3. Being in 8 player cross game chat, playing music while gaming, and can play a game then go straight to youtube app,PSN app, or Internet app without having to close the game itself is pretty damn cool.

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