GTA V's First-Person Mode is Pointless

Hardcore Gamer: The moments of awe that the first-person mode demonstrate (like the flying segments) are constantly overshadowed by an obstructive statement.

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ValKilmer1530d ago

I think it's the beginning of all future GTA games moving towards being first-person. And why not? With the graphics possible nowadays, you get a much better appreciation for the world they've built.

Yi-Long1530d ago

It might be the saving grace of the multiplayer-mode. You can enjoy GTA in the old-fashioned 3rd-person view when you play the single-player mode, but when you go MP, perhaps it would play like Battlefield, first-person, and obviously with all the freedom you're used to from GTA and Battlefield.

If they can get those 1st person controls right, so they will feel as good as Battlefield and other 1st person shooters, they would have something really REALLY special.

Spinal1529d ago

No thank you. We have enough first person shooters.

I'm pretty sure Rockstar will never force First person onto us.

I'll never enjoy a GTA game in First person thus wont be using this mode ever.

ifistbrowni1529d ago

I definitely agree. Multiplayer is the first thing I thought of. GTA is usually a game I just get on and goof around on, but 1st person playlists could make it competitive...

With Rockstar's talent, this could very well take off on the next GTA release.

DeadRabbits1529d ago

Its just a gimmick to get people to part with their hard earned cash twice to Rockstar!

Shame on you Rockstar! Ye released a broken game last year then fixed it up with bells and whistles attached then serve it up again!


Army_of_Darkness1529d ago

Yeah I agree, this FPS mode is gonna be as useless to me as my ex-wife....
Plus, do we really need another FPS game?? this makes GTAV look like a common game amongst the rest now. But since I know this mode is optional and have yet to play this, I'll definitely be picking it up.

MysticStrummer1529d ago

"this makes GTAV look like a common game amongst the rest now"

No it makes GTAV both the most detailed open world FPS and the most detailed open world TPS at the same time. There's nothing common about that.

I've said before that I wouldn't buy GTA5 again, at least not right away, but the more I think about roaming the world in first person mode the more I want it. The key, as Yi-Long said, is how the controls feel. The previews I've seen say it feels great, but previews have been known to lie so I'm torn.

Concertoine1529d ago

The thing is anyone in third person has a clear advantage with the camera being controllable. You can also shoot behind you while driving easier. So i doubt anyone looking to be good at multiplayer would play in FPS mode.

BattleAxe1529d ago

I think that FPS mode adds a whole new dimension to this game. Personally, I think it will make the game world have a larger feel to it, and because of the fact that the camera will be zoomed into the player, you will notice greater detail with weapons, vehicles, buildings, foliage, and textures.

On top of all of that, I love games like Battlefield, Payday and Far Cry, and GTAV has all of the elements from these games and more. This is truly an FPS fan's dream come true.

Randostar1529d ago

Apparently you can customize your first person controls, so when you switch from 3rd to 1st. Your controls will switch from GTA style to COD style. Left stick in to run, R1 to throw a grenade.

Joey_Leone1529d ago

Well if there's an option to switch back and fourth I'm not complaining.

Wizard_King1528d ago

Retarded article by a dumb author, the end, move on.

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BitbyDeath1529d ago

Nah, 3rd person view is better cause in real life you can see more by simply moving your neck, 1st person doesn't currently allow for this factor which removes a large part of strategy. Maybe when VR comes in then it'll get done properly.

Petro1529d ago

I use TrackIR for that, simply cant play games without TrackIR support. :) In the future tho I will go for Oculust Rift or similar tech.

BattleTorn1529d ago

To some, the limited vision of 1st adds immersion

KwietStorm1529d ago

So moving your neck in real life is 3rd person?

BitbyDeath1529d ago

In real life you have a 180 degree view, 3rd person you also have a 180 degree view, first person offers a 90 degree view.

Vladplaya1529d ago

Yeah you can do that in 1st person, its called moving your mouse left and right to look around.

BitbyDeath1528d ago

That moves your body, when you should already be able to see 180 degrees without doing so.

zeuanimals1528d ago

Increase the FOV. That solves your problem, though everything on the side seems scrunched, which is even more realistic since it's sort of like your distorted peripheral vision.

And 3rd person view gives you far more than a 180 degree view.

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Bansai1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I hope not, I hate FPP view, well not hate, but TPP is much more preferable to me in games.

goldwyncq1529d ago

A FP-only GTA would be terrible.

scark921529d ago

I personally love the idea of exploring a city in FP, I will play it as a simulator :D

Psychotica1529d ago

I sure hope not, I would hate being forced to use it. I certainly plan on using 1st person now and then but for the most part I will be using 3rd person view.

St0rm_Cr0w1529d ago

I for one think the first person mode is an absolute game changer, and I'm not even the biggest FPS fan around.

purpleblau1529d ago

because they can. the article bitches about an additional feature? what a moron.

clouds51529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

No need for a discussion IMHO. Just make it an option. Problem solved. I personally prefer driving in cockpit mode and shooting in first person. But flying, sight seeing, walking/running I prefer 3rd.
Also it's nothing new for gta. Ever since gta3 there has been a first person option through mods. As I've played them all on pc it's like standard to have it for me.

Magicite1529d ago

I wish more games would be like skyrim/fallout, where u can switch modes on the fly.

LightDiego1529d ago

I hope not Mr. Kilmer, i prefer the third-person view, we already have a lot of first-person games. If it's just a plus and you can switch between them, it's fine.

Muzikguy1529d ago

I like the new addition of a first person mode, but I'm almost 100% sure that Rockstar wouldn't risk their baby to give us only first person GTA games from here on out. If anything it will make sure that Activision steps up their game with COD to make sure the FPS "crown" stays in their hands.

Jaqen_Hghar1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

3rd person is better for a game with GTA's mechanics. Traversal, hand to hand, and generally open world stuff is usually better in third person. Far Cry is the only open world first person game that really makes it work and even then the traversal would be better in third. Skyrim just avoids the traditional pitfalls altogether but RPGs are a lot different than shooters of course.

_-EDMIX-_1528d ago

Not really sure why the disagrees. I think its clear he means as an option and not ONLY.

GTA has always been known as a progressive series. (besides that nasty forgettable GTAIV which isn't really a their fault as they where dealing with DVD limitations)

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xPhearR3dx1530d ago

The author seems to be misinformed. He goes on about how GTA isn't built for first person and how fan made mods have show us this. The difference is, and many previews confirmed this. Rockstar didn't just put the camera inside the players head and said have fun (like the fan made mod he's referring to). Instead, the game has been (in a sense) rebuilt for the first person view. They've done this by adding 3,000+ new animations, highly customization options for the view, and seamless transition between first and third.

So yes. A game like GTA which has never been first person, getting a first person mode that's not just tacked on is a game changer. Not to mention Rockstar is always one of the first devs to bring new things to the table, and while first person view isn't something revolutionary. Having said view built for a game of this size is definitely going to change how it's played. So no, it's not pointless at all. In fact, it could change the franchise forever depending on how well it's received. Which gives Rockstar even more possibilities for GTA VI.

TKCMuzzer1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I was going to read the article but your comment suggests the author has not played the new version and is relying on past experiences. If so, then it's poor journalism yet again within the game industry. As you rightly point out many other journalists who have previewed the mode have actually played it and have been suitability impressed.

Just read it and as I thought he hasn't played it, seems a rant about nothing, more space wasted on the Internet..

BigBosss1529d ago

Amen brother, very well said! I can't play the game in First Person. Imagine playing Bank Heist in FPS :)

This is good for GTA because it adds more in depth of gameplay, more replayability and such!

Neo_Zeed1529d ago

3000 new animations? That's news to me and I'm looking forward to getting this on my PS4. I don't understand your argument at all. Extra animations would be great but if they are there it won't be because of a limited first person perspective. They probably did add more motions but to enhance the game as a whole. FPS mode doesn't require any additional animation. If you did add extra animation just to this one perspective it would make the game very awkward. It makes absolutely no sense to have different motions for people playing in different perspectives.

Am_Ryder1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )


I don't think you understand how this works.

Putting a first person mode in a third person game needs entirely new animations. In this case, more than 3,000 new animations to make the first-person mode playable, clear, and smooth. If you don't add new animations it will be very awkward to play.

Fan mods where they moved the camera down into first person in GTA barely work. Running is okay, aiming is okay once you are pointing the right direction- but turning, driving, getting in and out of vehicles, climbing, generally moving around- NONE of it feels right. Because the character's body is moving as if you control it in 360 degrees of movement. In FPS you move by strafing and turning separately, not turning in 360 degrees ala third person.

Rockstar knew this, and they've designed thousands of new animations to make the perspective look right, to make movement and transitions right- they basically had to DOUBLE the amount of player-animations in the game. Every move the characters make in GTAV had to be redone as if you were looking from their eyes.

Third-person does not take into account what you need to see or how you need to move in first person. This problem has been seen in many situations where people force FPS on non-FPS games. It wont work right.

Angeljuice1529d ago

All the players hand animations had to be added. Every gun now has its own individual reload/secondary fire animations, all interactions between the players hands and any world objects have had to receive new animations..

Neo_Zeed1529d ago

@AmRyder Perhaps these fan mods aren't professionals at where to place the camera. Unless your game sucks though... all animations should already be there.

If we were playing online and I was next to you... I should be seeing the same exact motions from your character. It would be a weird if we both saw slightly different animations. Your characters body should behave the same no matter how it is seen to all watching.

Strafing isn't magic new movement only possible with a limited field of view. Part of what makes Uncharted fun is the strafing when you run and gun.

St0rm_Cr0w1529d ago

Agreed. I wasn't even planning on picking this up for Ps4 but now I'm definitely going to. Good job R*.

SuperBlur1529d ago

I hope it become the new standard for all of their upcoming open world game.

more options is always welcomed

Ashunderfire861529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I have to agree with you on this, especially after watching that ign video of them talking about Rockstar rebuilding the game to fit First Person View. Guys just imagine online in First Person View with 30 players online in Free Roam? If the online launch is better than what they did back then with the PS3 version, then we are in for a game changer this fall. Out of all the remastered games this year, The Master Chief Collection still looks to be the best one this fall, with GTA 5 as runnerup, The Last of Us in 3rd place, and Sleeping Dogs in 4th place.

Guys and gals just remember all those heist missions you did on the PS3, it will look twice as good on X1/PS4/PC. We will also get a proper launch for the Heist mode in multiplayer all in first and third person! This author needs to check himself and acknowledge this.

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SeanScythe1530d ago

I'd rather play in FP if I have the option. Who is this guy to say what we like or not? Guess what it's optional you don't like it don't use it. I'm sure there are guns and cars in the game you like and don't like but guess what you don't have to use them because it's not forced on you.

dennett3161529d ago

Exactly...options are a great thing. Why someone would complain about a completely optional mode is bizarre to me. Then again, it's the internet. Why wait to actually try the new mode before writing it off...something's changed, quick, complain!

AgentSmithPS41529d ago

That was a lot of complaining about something that only exists if you push a button...
"GTA V’s first-person mode is a pointless addition that does more to shamelessly lure in FPS fans than deliver any substantial inclusions to what Grand Theft Auto is about." Maybe this guy gets pwned in FPS and is upset that it can be forced in online, haha. I'll try all modes to see what I like best. FPS mode brings me closer to the action, it makes sense to play in such a rich world in the same perspective as you do IRL. I'm glad they give us the option to make the game more "real."

There's never ending construction and bad traffic around here so I'll enjoy violently clearing a path in GTA in FP :).

kassler1529d ago

Wonder if you will be able to switch between first and third person with a press on a button. Really liked that in Fallout 3 and Skyrim.

sipale1529d ago

I believe it happens with a swipe or a press on the touch pad on the ds4

Randostar1528d ago

press on the touch pad changes camera angle. Swiping will change your gun while on foot, and will change the radio station while in a car.