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Cev at Codec Moments writes: "Developed by CI Games and Deck13 Interactive, Lords Of The Fallen is third person action RPG. Seemingly a combination of series such as From Software’s Souls games, and the now non-existent THQ’s Darksiders, Lords Of The Fallen takes inspiration from a great many places and amalgamates them into something of its own with the ever familiar dark medieval fantasy backdrop. Now… I can’t really speculate in regards to Darksiders similarities outside of the aesthetic as I played very little of its first instalment, and what I saw didn’t exactly wow me (though I plan to give it another chance when other seemingly more awesome stuff stops coming out/existing). However, I love both the Dark and Demonic efforts of From so far and this… is not that."

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metalgod881534d ago

If I were reviewing this game, I'd give it a 3/10. Graphically, its great. Gameplay isn't terrible, but the game design is really lacking. Currently, there are tons of bugs and real issues with the game including PS4 overheating. Its the only game I've played on the the ps4 that actually overheats my ps4. It has potential, but the game just has too many issues for me to recommend to anyone else.

Wait until Nov. 18th to get Dragon Age. That will hold you off until the rest of the RPG's come out next year.

CuddlyREDRUM1534d ago

What really sucked about the game, I rented it, was that it could have been much better with minimal effort. Even besides the bugs, having a camera that went into the environment like Dark Souls 2.

Too much of the game is corridor, you get hit and you just see an first person scene of what is in front of you, while you have nothing to do but frantically try to roll away.

Decent rental, but this could have been a ton better with very little more time and money.