Initial Thoughts on New Blizzard IP Overwatch

Richard of writes "Come on, I dare you to tell me that you were not impressed with the Overwatch trailer that debuted at BlizzCon yesterday. That trailer looked really bad ass. I mean, sure, it is just a cinematic trailer, but we all know what Blizzard can do with games, especially MMOs. If they can apply the winning formula they have with their World of Warcraft series with the style and presentation of Team Fortress 2 then I see no reason why Overwatch wouldn’t be anything but another hit game for them. And how awesome is it that this is a brand new IP from Blizzard as well."

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Godmars2901533d ago

Comes off as Blizzad's version of Team Fortress.

Would hope that meant a web series or the like, but doubt it.

Arcee1533d ago

I agree. But honestly, I would not mind another MMO Shooter out there that can be as fun as Team Fortress is Blizzard does this right.

Feralkitsune1532d ago

Not an MMO. it's more like a MOBA the fights are 6 v 6. Each person plays as a hero.