Horror Showdown: The Evil Within VS Alien: Isolation

In this videogame showdown series, The Evil Within and Alien: Isolation both duke it out in a head to head horror battle. Find out which game ends up on top.

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DarkOcelet1534d ago

To each his own but i think both were excellent and brought back a genre that was sorely missed.

Benjammin251534d ago

I thought Alien was scarier but I had more fun with The Evil Within. Both great games regardless.

GetSomeLoGiK1534d ago

No way, Alien should've been called "Opening Doors: Simulator" Every objective you had was to open a door and if you couldn't, guess what? You had to backtrack and get shit to......OPEN THE DOOR. And the alien wasn't even a threat, it was a chore. All it was, was that the alien would come down, look around then leave. I was more scared of the androids. Also the ending to it was completely stupid, everything that her mom did was for nothing.

The Evil Within hands down is better since it had actual FUN gameplay. Sure it wasn't "scary" but neither was resident evil or silent hill, they got tense as tits because of all the scrambling situations you're in.

pasta_spice1534d ago

It sounds like you were playing it on Easy if you think the alien wasn't a threat. The alien did more than just 'look around then leave'.

GetSomeLoGiK1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

@ pasta_spice.......really? REALLY? The only thing you picked out of my problems I had with the game was that the alien wasn't a threat? That just implies everything else I listed was correct and btw I played on normal (even if I played on hard, it's no excuse for the horrible gameplay) Also please explain to me what the alien did different and don't say "well it looks for you and actually attacks you" cause it doesn't if you hide which is what makes it a chore. "oh look the alien, lemme hide real quick.....15 seconds later he leaves and I continue my task of OPENING DOORS but wait the alien came back.....lemme hide again....15 seconds later, he leaves etc etc etc" Shit, this game isn't even a game in my eyes. It pretty much plays itself, you have no freedom. Even my Alien movie loving nostalgia goggles could see through this "game". And you wanna know why the movie made the xenomorphs scary? Because you never really got to see them a lot cause if you did, you'd realize it was just a guy in a costume but in the game you need to see all of it, which in turn makes it lose its magic. Just looks really goofy and not scary. In the end, they took a 5 hour game idea and stretched into around 20 hours of really boring and tedious gameplay (opening doors or finding ways to open a door).

Sorry for the rant but this Alien did not deserve the reviews it got, should've been 5-6/10.

BABY-JEDI1534d ago

I also played Alien Isolation on normal with Sony Gold headphones. This game is a work of genius that is totally faithful to the movie. I would also call it an 'Alien survival simulator' rather than an all out game, & for this I would give it a 9/10

-Foxtrot1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Evil Within for me

It's not as scary but the thing is the game has a lot of variation in gameplay and level design. Alien Isolation doesn't have that, once you get so many hours in the fear of the Alien is gone and the levels start to look the same. Least with the Evil Within, minus it's crappy dialogue/voice acting, the game has a range of locations, enemies and on your toes moments.

Then you have the gaping plotholes in Alien, something you could easily miss but as a die hard Alien fan I just can't overlook them. If you are doing an Alien game and create plotholes then you obviously don't respect the source material enough.

Chapter 9 where you are in the mansion and every so often the screen would turn blue then BAM Ruvik would appear to chase you down, even if your in the middle of fight with other enemies. You can't get away from him unless you safely hide. That for me was something which got your heart racing, it reminded me of the Nemesis sections in RE3.

DarkOcelet1534d ago

In all honesty although this was my GOTY , i kinda wished they put Ruvik in a different chapter because i so wanted to take it slow in the mansion and explore it while not feeling i have to rush through it so that bastard doesnt get me, especially in Akumu mode . It was awesome .

-Foxtrot1534d ago

Well I suppose they could of done that then later on put you back in the mansion but with different rooms and layouts so you could explore it slow

One minute your in a hallway the next a mansion haha

pasta_spice1534d ago

It's hard to take your opinion seriously when you think Alien Isolations' creators didn't respect the source material. It's more true to the original movie than any of the sequel films or games were.

-Foxtrot1534d ago

Well if they did it wouldn't be full of plotholes and the ending....well, it just makes what Ripley did seem pretty pointless

Hell if they actually were respecting it then they wouldn't of made her Ripleys daughter in the first place since, going by the directors cut of Aliens, she lived a happy normal life on earth.

BABY-JEDI1534d ago

@ Foxtrot. You obviously missed a whole lot of the computer intel as these explains the so called plot holes thoroughly. Guess you didn't take your time

TheVideoGamHer1534d ago

Hmmm...I hear that the "intimacy" of being alone with only one enemy is more tense than a hoard of enemies from ppl who've played Isolation.

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Masterchief_thegoat1534d ago

fans and reviewer love alien more

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